Six Insider Secrets to Grow Your Hair Longer, Faster

Renae and Natasha Jay, founder of Pump Haircare.

We spoke to Natasha Jay, founder of Aussie haircare brand Pump Haircare, on how to grow your hair longer, faster.

Natasha Jay is the founder of Australian haircare brand Pump Haircare, we recently interviewed her about her amazing haircare brand. She has created unique products to help grow your hair longer, faster and thicker for longer.

We asked her for her insider tips on how to grow hair longer including real life tips that don’t involve products.

Get more protein in your body.

Did you know your hair is mostly made up of protein? By adding more protein to your diet, it will directly transfer to your hair, increasing biotin. The best part is you don’t have to increase your meat intake if you don’t want to, as nuts, seeds and even sweet potatoes are packed with protein.

Don’t brush your hair when it is wet.

Your hair is at it’s weakest point when it is wet, and by brushing it, you will increase the risk of breaking your hair, resulting in split ends and hair fall. To detangle your hair when it’s wet use a wide-tooth comb.

Australian Haircare brand Pump helps hair grow longer and thicker.
Australian Haircare brand Pump helps hair grow longer and thicker.

Massage your scalp.

A good scalp massage not only feels great, but it also gets the blood flowing to your hair follicles to stimulate the scalp resulting in a speeding up of the growth cycle. Use a hair mask or oil when massaging your scalp as you don’t want to do this on dry hair.

Try to avoid using too much heat.

Most hair straighteners heat up to 200 degrees and let’s face it we rarely go over one section once so you can image how much your heat you are applying to your hair.

Overuse of curling irons and hair straighteners can cause excessive damage leading to breakage midway up your hair, not just your ends. Try to give your hair a break from the hot tools whenever you can and try not to go over the same area twice. If you do use heat on your hair, always use a heat protection spray like the Pump 300-degree heat protector.

Don’t wash the ends of your hair.

Shampoo is designed for the scalp only and should never be applied or rubbed onto the ends of your hair. Allowing the shampoo to run down the ends naturally is enough to keep it clean without stripping the moisture from the ends.

 Cut those split ends.

Want to know the absolute best tip on how to grow your hair faster? Cut it! Yes, you heard me correctly. Split ends won’t stop splitting on their own, and they will work their way up your hair resulting in no length on the ends. You don’t need to have a big chop, just regular trims of your ends at least every 6-8 weeks. I promise you this works. Always explain to your hairdresser that you are trying to grow your hair and that they should only do a very tiny trim. I always recommend getting a trim before starting any hair growth routines or new hair care products. 

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