Affordable Dyson Airwrap Dupes That You Need to Check Out

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Here are the best affordable Dyson Airwrap dupes that’ll give you gorgeously voluminous hair.

The Dyson Airwrap is the ultimate hair styling tool that promises a damage free experience that dries, curls, smooths and straightens hair for the whopping starting price tag of $799. We’ve found some of the best Dyson Airwrap dupes for a more affordable price.

The Curly Airstyler Complete product overview and box contents. Set up as Dyson Airwrap dupes.

Curly Airstyler Complete $165

The very popular Curly Airstyler Complete, as seen on Tik Tok, comes with barrels to curl, wave, smooth and volumize. There are assembled sets to choose from that come with different attachments for all hair types and styles, and it has great reviews. Click HERE for a 90s blowout tutorial using the Curly Airstyler Complete, and for a Tik Tok exclusive discount use the code “BFS”. 

Oly airwrap dupe hair styling tool box contents.

Hoppy Beauty OLY $155

The OLY hair styling tool is currently on sale for $155, down from $310. It comes with a volumising brush, two curling barrels, a smoothing brush and a hair dryer. This product is easy to use and creates beautiful curls despite being a fraction of the price of the Dyson Airwrap. Check this Tik Tok out for a review on the OLY.

L'Oreal Steampod laying on table.

L’Oreal SteamPod 3.0 $330

This product is highly priced but is still less than half the price of the Dyson Airwrap. The Steampod uses high-pressured steam to straighten, creating super sleek, smooth hair. The Steampod is fairly bulky so it wouldn’t be ideal for hair styling on the go, but it is a great brush and straightener combo to have in your routine to remove frizz.

BaByliss Air Style 1000 $126

The Babyliss Air Style 1000 comes with four different styling attachments for drying and styling. This hair styling tool is designed with conditioning ionic technology to reduce frizz and boost shine for salon results. The dryer part of the product is not as strong as a standard hair dryer, but is lighter and easier to use, and gives great volume to bangs. For a YouTube review on the raved about BaByliss Air Style 1000 click HERE.

Kmart Dyson Airwrap dupe laying on white sheet.

Kmart Rotating Hot Air Brush $25

The super affordable Kmart Rotating Hot Air Brush is an awesome Dyson Airwrap dupe at a bargain price. It comes with barrels and the brush attachment, and has two heat settings and a 360 degree swivel cord. It is fantastic value for money and does exactly as promised. However, heat protectant is a must to eliminate the risk of damaged hair.

TNS blowout hair brush, dyson airwrap dupe with dark background.

TNS Blowout Brush $189

For a perfect salon blowout at home the TNS Blowout Brush is the way to go. Hair will dry faster than a normal hair dryer with the Blowout Brush as the negative ions curate the airflow to reduce the size of the water droplets on the hair. For a shiny and smooth finish this product is a great Dyson Airwrap dupe for a low price. Plus TNS offer free shipping in Australia. Check out TNS on instagram HERE

These products are all reviewed and highly rated, but heat protectant is still necessary when using all heat products to maintain the health of the hair.

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