How To Create The Whackiest Halloween Make-up for 2020

halloween makeup trends for 2020

Here’s a tip: The more ghoulish and horrific the better this year.

2020 has been a total nightmare, even if you do look on the bright side of anything good that came out of the pandemic and lockdown, the truth is, Halloween should absolutely reflect exactly what 2020 has been – horrific.

With Halloween right around the corner, we’re exploring some of the best ways to take your Halloween look to the next level. To show us the ropes, SFX makeup artist, Alex Cox a.k.a You Bloody Beauty, will be taking us through her top trending Halloween looks for 2020.

If you haven’t used prosthetics or liquid latex in your Halloween makeup routine before, these looks will inspire you to take the plunge. Alex recommends trying the Tinsley Transfer prosthetics because they work exactly like a temporary tattoo!

Recreate an Old Classic

There are some Halloween looks that will never go out of style, but this year it’s time to take your looks to the next level by pushing the boundaries and experimenting. Take your vampire look up a notch by incorporating prosthetics and using a Mehron bruise wheel to create small veins across your face for a truly terrifying look.

To nail the look of veins, Alex suggests using a small thin eyeliner brush and holding it as close to the top as you can so you have maximum control. She says, “If you go over the veins lightly with a translucent powder then it will look like the veins are actually sitting underneath your skin.”

Get this look by using:

  • Estee lauder double wear foundation
  • Make up for ever ultra HD concealer
  • Nyx cosmetics eyeliner and blush 
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette 
  • Tinsley Transfers Vampire forehead prosthetic 
  • Mesmereyez contact lenses 
  • Shrine glitter
  • Mehron makeup bruise wheel 
  • Iconic London Lashes
  • RCMA no colour powder

Disney Gone Wrong

Wanting to create a look that would leave your ten-year-old self speechless? Alex recommends choosing one of your favourite Disney characters and giving them a chilling makeover. With the help of homemade gelatin you can turn your favourite childhood characters into a Halloween look that will be recognisable, but terrifying.

“For this look, I created some homemade gelatin prosthetics. Gelatin is a super easy and adorable way to create your own prosthetics at home. All you need is the following:

  • 2 parts Gelatin powder
  • 1 part Glycerin syrup 
  • 2 parts Water

Stir it together and melt it in the microwave for no longer than 8 seconds. Once it’s melted you can pour it into moulds or directly onto your skin. Just make sure you check the temperature on the inside of your wrist before you do so.”

Get this look by using:

  1. Estee Lauder double wear foundation
  2. Make up for ever ultra HD concealer
  3. Rcma makeup no colour powder
  4. Ofra cosmetics highlighted in glazed donut
  5. Benefit australia gimme brow
  6. Ysl beauty rouge voluptè shine in rouge in danger
  7. Eye of horus cosmetics eyeliner
  8. Mac cosmetics australia blush
  9. Iconic london lashes and setting spray
  10. Mehron makeup bruise wheel
  11. Ben nye makeup fake blood
  12. Mesmereyez contact lenses

Be Creative with Fake Blood

We’ve all done the fake blood under your eye or next to lip before, but this year Alex encourages makeup lovers to think outside of the box and to try adding objects to their looks.

“The best way to add an object like a tennis ball or disco ball to your face is to cut it in half. If the object is heavy it won’t adhere to your face, but if you scoop out the inside, it becomes so much lighter and easier to manage. Another trick is to build a barrier of liquid latex and tissue or cotton around where the object will sit, this will help to join the object to your skin – just make sure the layers of latex dry in between, otherwise the object won’t stick to your face.

Get the tennis ball look by using:

  • Estee lauder double wear foundation
  • Scottys makeup liquid latex
  • Ben Nye bruise wheel, scab blood and stage blood
  • Rcma fake tears and sweat 

Get the disco ball look by using:

  • Jeffree star cosmetics Jawbreaker palette 
  • Scottys Makeup Liquid latex 
  • Ben Nye Stage blood, scab blood and bruise wheel 
  • Chopstickstyler hair curler 
  • Make up for ever HD Foundation 
  • Model rock lashes

Go All Out

Alex’s top advice for Halloween makeup for 2020? Go all out. “Halloween is the perfect time for you to let your freak flag fly. It’s the only time of the year that it’s socially acceptable to dress up as Frankenstein’s monster, so why not go all out? ” Alex’s Frankenstein creation is a combination of a range of makeup and SFX techniques. 

“This look took around 3 hours to complete. The foam latex prosthetics I used from Woochiefx really helped to change the shape and structure of my face. To make sure the prosthetics blended in seamlessly to my face I first started out by creating a base coat that was 3-4 shades darker than the final colour I wanted to be. Once I had an even base coat, I just contoured and shaded my face as I normally would, using the classic Frankenstein Monster colours.”

A quick and easy way to elevate your look is to add in coloured contacts.

Get the look by using:

  • Mehron makeup fantasy fx paint, spirit gum and silver metallic powder
  • Mel products usa pax paints
  • Mesmereyez contact lenses
  • Woochiefx foam latex prosthetic
  • Nyx cosmetics ultimate shadow palette Phoenix
  • Kryolan rubber mask grease paint palette and translucent setting powder
  • Ben nye makeup fresh scab blood and stage blood 
  • Prosaid cream 

If you’re looking for more Halloween inspiration, Alex is sharing new looks daily from now until October 31st. Head over to her Instagram page to follow her journey

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