Sexy Beach Winter Waves



Five simple ways to the perfect beach waves in winter.

Look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel after trying these tips and tricks.

The beach waves are a universally loved hairstyle but can be hard to pull off, especially during winter.

Celebrity hairstylist, Sarah Potempa shares simple tips and tricks on achieving perfect, beach waves  in winter.

Sarah created the BeachWaver Pro, the curler exclusively used during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2015 and 2016. She shares with us her tips and tricks on nailing the perfect beach waves look a la Gigi Hadid.

1) Sleep with your hair in a bun

If you’re on the go, the quickest way to achieve relaxed, seasides waves is to whip your damp hair in a bun and sleep in it. “When you go to take it out in the morning, you’ll have instant volume and a beachy bend in the hair,” says Sarah. To maximise results, take sections of damp hair and try scrunching them up to create volume and enhance the natural texture. The next morning, you will wake up to a relaxed beach wave ‘do.

2) Deep condition your hair

Wintertime is tough on our skin and hair. That is why it’s important to take extra care and deep condition hair to ensure it stays hydrated during the colder months.

Deep conditioning can help prevent breakage, brittleness and keep beach waves looking healthy and fresh.

3) Tame your frizz and go

To achieve the perfect beach wave look, Sarah recommends taming frizz by using a hand lotion. “Use a five cent piece sized amount of hand lotion, rub it into your hands first and voila, tamed frizz on the go. Yes, hand lotion isn’t specifically for hair, but it’s perfect in small amounts for taming that mane!” An ingenious way to keep hands and hair hydrated.

4) Sea salt spray

Sea salt spray is the holy grail product in achieving an effortless, sexy, beach wave hairstyle. The styling spray will give hair texture to create that luscious, effortless seaside ‘do.

5) A good curling iron makes all the difference

The BeachWaver Pro is the first ever rotating curling iron making it easier in achieving the perfect beach wave look. After years as a celebrity hair stylist, Sarah wanted to revolutionise the way we curl and style our hair by creating an easy hair tool.

“Spend the time fully curling your hair with the Beachwaver PRO on Sunday and you’ll have waves that will still look great on Monday and Tuesday. Then, all you’ll need is a quick touch up each morning and you’re good to go!” says Sarah. If you have thick, straight hair, the BeachWaver Pro is the perfect tool for you to help you achieve the perfect beach waves in winter.

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