Insider Beauty Secrets: How to Fix Bad Skin



Bondi Beauty got the inside scoop from three of Sydney’s top skincare experts on how to fix bad skin.

From acne to scarring, dryness, redness and blackheads – having problematic skin is stressful and can be a huge impediment to feeling confident and beautiful.

However, there is an abundance of health and skincare information online and not everything really works. The only people who truly know the tricks of the trade when it comes to fixing bad skin, are trained professionals.

Bondi Beauty asked three of Sydney’s experienced professionals for their best beauty secrets on how to achieve a clear and glowing complexion.


Expert #1: Anna Field from the Paddington Beauty Room:

Anna Field has nearly 30 years of industry experience and is the founder and owner of the Paddington Beauty Room in Sydney.

Here is her best advice:

  1. Own 2 Face Masks:

“Your first mask should be a ‘giving’ mask – a mask that replenishes, hydrates, brightens etc use this when the skin is de-vitalised, stressed and tired. The second a taking mask, a mask that draws out impurities and oils when the skin is sluggish, congested and oily. Masks are created to be proactive to the effects of life, so having a regular face mask routine will help your skin be at its absolute best.”

  1. Put your eye cream on first before your moisturiser.

“People like to be lazy and only use moisturiser around their eyes instead of a specific eye cream. Eye creams are specially created to be ophthalmologically safe and suitable to work on the skin around the eyes, which is 5 times thinner than the rest of the face. As the skin around the eyes is often people’s biggest problem area (especially for ageing skin), give it the love it needs and purchase a good quality eye cream – you will thank yourself in the future.”


Expert #2: Sonyla Zarb from Sonyla’s Beauty Spot

Sonyla has been a beauty therapist for nearly 15 years, and owns her own salon, Sonyla’s Beauty Spot in Merrylands, Sydney.

Here is her best advice:

  1. Get Professional Extractions:

“Extractions are the key to getting the best results from your beauty products as it allows them to better penetrate the skin. Extractions performed by a therapist will undeniably get the best results, as there is a specific technique that only the expertise and bird-eye view of a practiced beautician can provide.”

  1. Don’t Over-do it on the scrubs:

“Many of my client’s over-scrub their skin, leaving it dehydrated and dry instead of hydrated and bright. To find the best scrub for you, have a look at the other products you are using – if your serum, cleanser or moisturiser contains glycolic acid then you probably don’t need a scrub in your skincare routine, because glycolic acid performs same role as a scrub – removing dead skin cells. Also, if you prefer scrubs that contain granules, don’t apply to much pressure – it will make your skin feel smooth initially, but it will dehydrate the skin and send the message for your skin to produce more oil, which can cause breakouts.”


Expert #3: Douglas Periera

Douglas Periera is a clinical skincare specialist who has been in the industry for over 20 years, and is the owner of his own clinic, Clinical Skin Therapy, and has his own Douglas Periera skincare range.

Here is his best advice:

  1. Remember that skin health starts from within:

“Many skin issues are caused by imbalances with in the body’s nutrition, gut health and vitamin deficiencies. So, when I am treating skin conditions such as acne especially hormonal acne, rosacea and hormonal pigmentation I always refer my clients onto a clinical naturopath or wholistic GP.”

“Seeing a clinical naturopath or wholistic GP whilst under the care of a professional skincare provider will insure you are tackling your skin issues from all fronts.”

  1. Cleanse Twice a Day:

“Many clients come into my clinic and say they only cleanse their face in the evening to remove makeup from the day. But it is very important to wash / cleanse your face twice a day, in the morning and at evening.”

“It is so important to remove the detox the pores and the surface of the skin in the morning, leaving your skin refreshed and clean, to apply your daytime serums and creams.”

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