How to Look Younger For Life

US Dermatologist Dr Vivian Bucay shares her exclusive tips on looking young – for life.

“Everyone is conscious of ageing,” Dr Bucay explains. ‘The non-invasive procedures are improving all the time, but there are a number of environmental things we can all address, from how we live our life to what we wear. When combined, all effect the rate at which we age and how and where we age.”

At 53 (she looks 33), Dr Bucay is dedicated to helping women look and feel younger every day of her career. From non-invasive surgery to hydration, and the right products, she says looking younger is possible with the right approach.

If stuck on a deserted island, what are the two products she couldn’t live without? “Sunscreen absolutely – and a life long supply, as well as ketenoid with .05% Retin A. Retin A does help repair and rehydrate skin. It works.

1) Don’t thin your eyebrows. Eye brows thin out naturally as we age, so if you pluck them too much when younger, you’ll have nothing left when you’re older, and you will look old.

2) Wear sunscreen every single day without fail, and put it in your hands, even in winter. I don’t recommend spray on as it tends to be under-applied, you need cream, and you need to re-apply it.

3) The sun is seriously damaging, you need to wear wrap-around sunglasses (think Victoria Beckham) every time you are outside, even on cloudy days.

4) Be conscious of the fabric you wear in the sun, and if it is white cotton (such as a t-shirt) wear sunscreen, as the sun will age you through your clothing.

5) Eat well, exercise and sleep well. We all know how to do these, and if you don’t, educate your self fast.

6) Don’t smoke – one cigarette reduces the flow of blood to the face by 40-60%

7) Limit your intake of alcohol, and try to stick to red wine.

8) Change your make-up seasonally, and keep unto date with new trends. “As we age, heavier make-up or the wrong foundation tones can age us quickly. Regular visits to make-up counters to stay on top of trends can help keep your skills, mind – and face young.”

Anti-aging is not any one thing. From exercise to nutrition and sunscreen, it is a combination of lifestyle factors that will keep you looking young.

What’s your anti-ageing tip?

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