10 tips to look younger now

 Everyone wants to look younger. These are Bondi Beauty’s top ten tips.

How to look Younger
Look younger, longer with these tips. Image from Bluefree


It all sounds a bit too good to be true, but the right lifestyle can take years off the way you look – and doesn’t take forever to get there. Here are 10 steps to get you started:

1)   Start exercising every day – yes, every day for at least 30 minutes, and get your heart rate up.

There is a ton of research out there to back up the health effects both inside and out of regular exercise. And it will not only help your body look younger, you will feel younger.

Our Tip: Do something new ( eg join a team, a gym, buddy up with a mate, buy a bike to get you motivated and committed).

2)    Eight less at each meal, and eat healthier. We know this takes time, but current research suggests our weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise, so what you eat is critical. Eat more at lunch and less at dinner, and reduce your sugar load.

Our tip:  Cut out all carbohydrates such as pasta and potatoes and fizzy drinks from 2pm every day.

3)    Reduce your alcohol intake – alcohol makes you look older. Don’t kid yourself that it doesn’t. Wine is full of sugar – and calories. Spirits are most often drunk with  sugar-rich fizzy drinks, and often high calorie food if you drink too much.

You don’t have to go cold turkey, but you do need to cut down your drinks.

Our tip: Don’t have an alcoholic drink until you have a meal in front of you.

4)   Walk more – walking not only increases your fitness (albeit slowly) but provides some time out to clear your head and think clearly.

Time out reduces stress and anxiety, and inturn helps calm and relax you – which reduces the effect of ageing.

Our tip: Walk with a friend whenever you can.

5)   Face Fitness – Many men and women swear by daily facial massage to keep wrinkles  at bay.  It’s also a nice time for a quick meditation. The best time of day to do these is when cleansing your face and applying moisturiser. Move hands in a circular motion around the entire face. Pinch your cheeks starting from your nose and moving hands right out to your jaw and down your neck.

Our tip: Buy a new moisturiser to get into a new habit.

Lightly dab your fingertips over your whole face, and over closed eyes. It’s an instant refresher.

6)   Facial Exercises – Different to massage, this doesn’t involve your hands but rather moving your face around in many not-so glam ways to stretch skin and muscles.

Our Tip: Do this when on the toilet and no-one can see you!

7)   Brush your teeth and see a dentist regularly. Teeth can give away early ageing . If you have damaged teeth, think about getting something done to rectify them. There are a multitude of options. General hygiene including regular professional cleans and using teeth whitener can help.

Our tip: Check out the new over-the-counter- whiteners, they’ve really improved.

8)   Meditation – You might sneer at this at first, but taking time out to clear your mind and let go can quickly make your realise your stresses really aren’t that big after all.

Stress is the number one cause of premature ageing and disease, and there’s a pile of evidence that meditation can help reduce this significantly.

Our tip: Get online for some easy & free meditation guidance at first.

9) Hairstyle – Hair can be very ageing. Find a young hairdresser who is prepared to listen to your lifestyle and your needs. Let them change your hair – even the colour if they think it will enhance your features. Remember they’re changing people’s hair every day, you’re not. Listen to what they say.

Our tip: Lighter hair colour often makes women look younger.

10) Wardrobe – Even your fitness wardrobe could be dragging your image down and ageing you. Trends change constantly, from styles to colours and fabrics.  Jump on Pinterest, read the latest fashion magazine, and compare the latest fashion to what you are wearing. A stylist could really help.

Our tip: Ask a trusted friend for their opinions – and listen.

What’s your tip to look younger?:

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