Mascara – it’s all about the brush.

Waving the right magic wand can make all the difference to your mascara.

The wand is critical in finding the right mascara for you, (image from

Mascara is a female rite of passage. Application is a daily ritual for many, but while the mascara’s formula is important, the brush is paramount.

Each wand serves a different purpose and can make or break your application, meaning it’s important to choose the right one.

So wave your wand and follow us through our magic wand lesson 101:

For lower lashes

Most mascara is designed to optimize the upper lashes. Even though Twiggy pulled it off, overly dramatic lower lashes can make things look unbalanced. The solution: a second, smaller brush to help get up close and personal with your lower lashes, yet lightly compliment the rest. Short, smaller bristles are easy to control and provide the often neglected lower lashes the attention they deserve.

We love: Marc Jacobs Beauty, Feather Noir Ultra-Skinny Lash Discovering Mascara, $39, available from Sephora.

For lengthening and definition

Straight, comb-like wands with evenly spaced bristles will provide the perfect marriage of length and definition. This is your best option for natural looking fluttery lashes. Although not the best for adding volume, if you already have quite full lashes, this type of wand will take your eyes to greater lengths.  A comb will help you avoid the dreaded c-word: clumps.

We suggest: Revlon Super Length Mascara, $ 21.95.

To curl lashes

A curved wand is the perfect go-to for poker straight lashes. Its design will help to curl and lift much better than a straight wand would – and will leave you close-up camera ready.

Try: Benefit Cosmetics, Roller Lash, $42, available from Sephora.

For maximum volume

For an eye-popping miracle, opt for a round thick wand. The more dense the bristles, the better it is for adding volume to your lashes. Perfect for those with sparse or light lashes. Lots of bristles pick up more product and will pull lashes closer together, giving a fuller effect. For larger-than-life lashes, we recommend using:

Marc Jacobs Beauty, Velvet Noir Major Velvet Volume Mascara, $40, available from Sephora.

We think we may have found ‘The One’ with this mascara. The only problem? With results so dramatic, your friends will think you’re wearing fake eyelashes. I think we can live with that.

Holly Buckingham

Holly is a nutrition graduate originally from the U.K. She has a love of all things health and well-being and enjoys trying out the latest trends. Passionate about travel, you will find her by the beach daydreaming about her next adventure.

  1. Its true, the mascara wand is the magic tool! I’m a huge maxfactor masterpiece max fan, never found a better mascara yet.
    Emily-Rose x

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