From Houses to Beauty: The Block Stars Alisa and Lysandra Launch Their Own Beauty Brand

The Block’s favourite twins Alisa and Lysandra Fraser launch their own aesthetic hand and body lotion line – with an environmental edge. Meet Al.ive Body.

Now more than ever, washing hands has become an essential – but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done in style.

Alisa and Lysandra Fraser shot to recognition with their appearances on The Block, known as the twins from Adelaide who had a serious flair for interior design.

Now, the identical twins, 35, are blending design and body products, with the launch of Al.ive Body, a personal care range of hand and body lotions, designed with aesthetics and an environmental edge in mind.

Beginning with two hero body and hand products, lotion (RRP$42 AUD) and wash (RRP$38 AUD), the key selling point of the range is the timeless and innovative scents: Coconut & Wild Orange, Kaffir Lime & Green Tea and Fig, Apricot & Sage.

Additionally, for every product purchased, a tree will be planted in Australia. The range is also vegan, 100% palm oil free and utilises the power of native extracts such as Australian Finger Lime, Fig extract and Sage oil, among others. 

For the interior designers, it was a must that the product would look good in any bathroom, making the space more beautiful.

It led to the brand ethos “naturally derived, design inspired”; demonstrating the power of aesthetic high-end design combined with the goal of living a more conscious lifestyle.

Bondi Beauty sat down with the pair to unpack their new range and how they transitioned from interior designing to product development.

Bondi Beauty: What was the inspiration in starting the line?

A&L: “A few years ago we did a project in Albert Park and we came to finish off styling the bathroom and we just couldn’t find a nice product to compliment everything we had done, that we hadn’t seen before.

We wanted to find something new and aesthetic but we just couldn’t find it, so we saw a gap in the market, and that’s where the idea stemmed from.

Al.ive body product range
The delicious fragrances only compliment the aesthetic design of the products

BB: How did you transition from interior design to product development?

A&L: “If you’ve got that creative brain, you’re always looking at a space and how you can make it more beautiful.

We used that same creativity that we use in our interiors to design the products, so it was a very natural progression.

We’ll wear both hats and interior design will always be a part of our business, but we’re just going to be more selective with the jobs we take on.”

BB: How did you decide on the three scents; Fig, Apricot & Sage, Kaffir Lime & Green Tea, and Coconut & Wild Orange?

A&L: “We started with probably 100 different scents and combinations, and then it was the process of going back and forth and tweaking.

We were really conscious that there’s a lot of soaps out there, and we wanted a point of difference.

Al.ive body Kaffir Lime
Kaffir Lime and Green Tea is the twins’ favourite scent.

So, we honed in on the three scents and made sure that they were gender neutral, and that they weren’t overpowering, so kids can also use them.

It took about 12 months of trialling the different fragrances, the viscosity, how it feels on your hands and body, tweaking the thickness of the lotion, before we finalised the range.”

BB: What is the environmental edge with Al.ive Body?

A&L: “We’ve always had a beautiful appreciation for nature, and we knew we wanted to help and give back in some way.

The name Al.ive came from our initials, but we also wanted to incorporate that sense of feeling alive, keeping the planet alive.

We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted and for every product purchased, we’ll ensure a tree is planted in Australia.

Especially after the bushfires and all the emissions, giving back now to the planet is so important.”

Al.ive body coconut hand wash
Designing a line that gives back to the planet was a key consideration for Alisa and Lysandra

BB: Where to next for Al.ive Body? Will you expand the range?

A&L: “We wanted to perfect the three items that we have before moving onto the next, and really nail those first few products.

We’ve got more products in the works that will be released into the line later. ”

Block Beginnings

Awarded the win on The Block: Sky High in 2013, and taking home a cool $395,000 in prize money, Alisa and Lysandra were left with an ultimatum when asked to return for the following season.

“We were in the police force, but they weren’t going to give us any more time off,” Alysa said.

Alisa and Lysandra Fraser on Channel Nine's The Block
The twins walked away with more than $1 million in prize money, which they used to start their new businesses

“So, our hands were a bit tied – if we were to go back for a second season, it meant we had to turn our police badges in.”

It was a no brainer for the pair, and a move that paid off, literally. Leaving their police force careers behind, the twins pocketed $616,000 in The Block: Fans Vs Faves.

On the experience, the pair can’t help but laugh.

“We’re still recovering, we’ve got grey hairs and wrinkles [from the] late nights and working your ass off,”

“But it taught us that hard work pays off, resilience is key.”

“We always liked the idea of designing, but we didn’t know that we were good at it until the show, we found a passion for it, and now everything has changed.”

Alisa and Lysandra Block SKy HIgh apartment
Alisa and Lysandra’s style was a winning combination of minimal luxury, seen here in the Block Sky High

Off the back of their winnings, Alisa and Lysandra launched their own interior design business, where they take on private clients.

With beautiful and aesthetic packaging, Al.ive Body would make for an ideal mothers’ day gift. Opt for the duo packages that contain both the wash, lotion and a display tray (RRP $79 AUD) or a bundle of three lotions, one of each scent (RRP $99).

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