Healthy Life Have Just Launched Their NEW Beauty Bar

This new beauty bar from Healthy Life is where to go for all of your beauty needs.

Australia’s largest health retailer has just made natural and organic beauty more accessible with their new beauty bar and starter kit.

Healthy Life has been in the business of promoting a cleaner, healthier life to Australians for almost fifty years, so it makes sense they would now branch out to help Australian women (and men) of all ages gain a better knowledge and understanding of natural beauty and organic beauty products.

Their new beauty bar; which launched at their Bondi Junction store in Sydney last week, helps to promote this idea, of knowing what brands are safe to use on the outside, as well as learning about what products are great for helping you be healthier on the inside.

Ranging from herbal teas, organic protein supplements, skincare and makeup, the beauty bar is a place where you can enter a safe space and have a chat with any Healthy Life staff member to learn about how you can make the swap to a cleaner living.

It’s important to note, that most Healthy Life staff are fully qualified (or training to be qualified) naturopaths, nutritionists and dieticians. Giving you peace of mind about the information they are providing to you.

To help promote their new beauty bar, Healthy Life  have also launched the release of their NEW Beauty Starter Kit.

The starter kit is designed to help slowly introduce newbies into the natural and organic beauty range, creating awareness on what you are putting on your skin and at an affordable cost for any demographic.

This includes vegan mascara, natural lipstick, no-nasty nail polish, organic makeup primer and skincare samples to help you make the first steps on the path of natural and organic beauty.

Priced at an affordable $69.95, here’s what the kit contains:

  • INIKA Organic Pure Primer
  • INIKA Long Lash Vegan Mascara
  • Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Lipstick
  • Kester Black Nail Polish
  • Neal’s Yard Beauty Balm
  • Weleda Skin Food
  • Pukka Beauty Tea

All products are cruelty-free and vegan and contain no nasty ingredients such as parabens and sulfates.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Beauty Editor

Rebecca is a freelance content creator and beauty editor for Bondi Beauty. She is a pescatarian, who may yet become vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel, has a weakness for coffee and is obsessed with cats and yoga. If she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's trying out the latest beauty trend, like massaging crushed pearls into her skin for the ultimate collagen and vitamin boost to skin cells.

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