These Makeup Removers Require Absolutely No Effort To Use

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We have listed the best and most effective makeup removers that require no effort-so you can never miss the most important skincare step.

Who said removing makeup was a chore? It doesn’t have to be with these makeup removers that require no effort.

Makeup can be a lot of fun to wear. But it’s important to remove it all properly for clear skin. We put five makeup removers to the test, to find out what little effort is required to remove makeup,  so every trace is eliminated for a fresh, clean face.

In the beauty industry, the ultimate beauty sin is going to bed and sleeping with makeup on. It’s a big no-no for a reason. So removing makeup at the end of the day should be the first, and most important step in a nighttime skincare routine.

At the end of the day, makeup that’s been sitting on your face all day, which has penetrated deep into the pores, alongside dirt and oils, can cause unwanted breakouts, clogged pores and other skin issues.

By removing makeup, not only will it create a clean slate for the rest of the skincare routine to work its magic, for beautiful clear skin. It helps prevent the onset of blemishes, renews skin for sleep and hydrates to keep skin youthful.

Makeup removers come in many different forms.  From balms, to oils, micellar water formulas or even a microfibre cloth will remove makeup effortlessly. 

These makeup removers require no effort, so there’s no excuse to miss this important step. 


A balm cleanser uses oils and emollients to break down makeup and SPF.

They can be used on all skin types. They are great for dry skin as balm cleansers are nourishing and hydrating, however, it is also great for oily skin types as it will help attract oils and remove excess oils.

Apply the balm cleanser to dry skin, and let the oils and emollients easily melt away makeup. Wash with water.

Our Top Picks:

Oil Cleansers

Oil cleansers are great at removing makeup because they can remove even stubborn, waterproof makeup.

Oil cleansers contain an oil base, as well as a skin-cleansing ingredient-better known as a surfactant which will help remove makeup and SPF without disrupting the skin barrier.

Similarly to a balm cleanser, apply to dry skin, let the product emulsify and then rinse with water.

Our Top Picks:

Micellar Water

Micellar water is a mixture of purified water, hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and mild surfactants. This combination groups molecules into microscopic spheres called micelles, to attract dirt and oil to effectively remove makeup.

Use by soaking micellar water onto a cotton pad or reusable pad, and wipe across the face.

Our Top Picks:

Gel Cleanser

Gel cleansers have come along way since they first began. What was was reserved for very oily skin to help remove greasy build up – they are now great for dry and combination skin to help combat inflammation and blemishes.

Look for hydrating gel cleansers that are paraben and sulphate free – and doesn’t contain any soaping agents. If they soap up, they will dry any skin type. You want the gel to cleanse, but also feel soft and nourishing on the skin to cleanse and nourish.

Top Pick:

Microfibre Cloths

A microfibre cloth or pad is a great option for those who want an effortless makeup removing routine or who want a more sustainable skincare routine. 

The microfibres trap and remove makeup, allowing for a clean face. Simply add water to the pad and swipe across the face.

Top Picks:

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