More winter beauty tips to look hot now.

A girl can never have enough beauty tips in winter. Here are some quick updates for lips, nails, and hair.

A girl can never have enough beauty tips in winter. Here are some quick updates for lips, nails, and hair.

1) Manicured nails & hands

There’s nothing better than a beautifully manicured pair of hands, with freshly painted nails. In winter when so much of your body is covered up, hands and nails need to look clean, neat and bright, and many female athletes sport bright, happy nail colours, so why wouldn’t you?

Nail polish colours this season are mixed; in Europe a light sandy skin colour works as does pure white. Red is also hot, especially when wearing black. Rimmel’s 60 second nail colour rapid ruby is quick and easy way to get the right look.

Rimmel’s 60 seconds polish is quick and easy to use and gives you sexy nails in seconds.

2) Lips
Lips are strong this season, and gloss is as popular as ever. You can’t go past red lips for a flawless eye catching look by day or night. Red lips give your face a lift, but if you are tired or feeling run down, or a bit too pale, they can make you look paler.

If this is the case, pop a clear gloss over a red lipstick to tone it down, or add a sweep of bronzer over your face to give it more life. Check out Maybelline’s sensational bold matte  lipstick are you red-dy, or Covergirl’s outlast lipcolour double every reddy. When wearing red lipstick, liner is important to ensure it stays on, and doesn’t seep.

If you want to go under the radar, wear a lip liner in a deeper red, with a natural gloss over the top, which will tone it down a little.

3) Fresh Fragrances
A change of fragrance is a positive way to embrace the new season. Even changing your deodorant for the gym can make you feel energised. A spray deodorant will fit into your handbag, and is a handy way to freshen up any time of the night or day.

4) Blushing Beauty
Blusher is as matte and as bold as you like this winter, from fuchsia for fair complexions to coral for darker skin tones. But with blush, it’s all in the application, as you don’t want to too overdone.

One of the many positives about blush is that it can give you an instant facelift when applied right, and it can also slim the face down.

The trick is to apply blush lightly on the apples of the cheeks whilst smiling strongly. Try MAC’s cremeblend – the creamy texture helps it blend into skin for a natural highlight.

Stop and see how it looks, to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Depending on your face shape and muscle definition, rounder faces, can use some blush right along the cheek bone from where the apple starts (near the nose), right up to the spot half way between your ear and your eye.

The majority of the blush should sit on the fuller part of the cheek and it should get lighter as you go up.

M.A.C.s cremeblend blush is a Bondi Beauty favourite for winter.

5) Shiny, healthy hair
There’s nothing better than beautiful, healthy hair flowing over or above a winter knit. If you went bright and light with your hair colour in summer, winter is a good time to consider going a shade or two darker to compliment paler skin and richer fashion colours.

If you’re blonde, look at darker honey tones, and brunettes, consider going shade darker. This doesn’t mean a mandatory visit to the salon.

You can easily apply colour at home, provided you follow the instructions. John Freida’s precision foam colour salon blends collection $22.99 is quick hand easy to use, and looks salon fresh.

The second step to gorgeous hair is a good shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. In winter, you might want to swap to products which provide added moisture, to ensure your locks don’t dry out.

An at-home hair colour can inject new life into your hair.
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