Look Younger, Live Longer. 7 Quick Tips.

Want to look younger and live longer – here are seven easy tips:

How to look Younger than you are
A regular dose of Vitamin D keeps you young.


1) Chewing Gum

Ok, so we agree – this one sounds far fetched, but according to Andrew Scholey, Ph.D., of Swinburne University of Technology, chewing gum has been shown to reduce levels of cortisol – a hormone brought on by stress which has significant negative effects on the body including weight gain and faster aging.  Chewing boosts blood flow to the jaw and possibly the brain and increase oxygen flow.

2) Get Back To Nature

Memory tests on random people before and after taking a walk in nature showed significant improvements after people had taken a break in the fields. Exposure to nature is thought to reduce stress, calm the mind and possibly increase seratonin. Another pathway to anti-aging.

3) Vitamin D

There have been a  number of significant findings  in recent years about vitamin D. Exposure to Vitamin D has been shown to reduce risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The hormone calcitroil, vitamin D’s active form, may promote cancer-cell death. Exposure to the sun is another option, but always ensure you wear 30 plus sunscreen at a minimum.

4) Weights Training

Bomdi Beauty Personal Trainer Rachael Livingstone at The Health Hub has been advocating strength training for women for years and for good reason. Strength training builds muscle that burns fat all day long, so train in the morning, ideally twice a week and see long-term results.

5) Anti-oxidants

You need to eat a lot of anti-oxidants to effect the skin, but you can always apply them topically and ingest extra through supplements. Anti-oxidants fight free-radical damage and help reverse the signs of ageing in a plethora of ways. You can also look for products containing vitamins C and E, pomegranate, idebenone, soy, green tea, niacinamide, and coenzyme Q10 in the top half of a product’s ingredient list.

6) Floss

There are multiple benefits of daily flossing. Tooth decay can travel into your heart arteries and cause long-term damage. There is a lot of bacteria in the mouth, and removing it keeps your teeth free of decay, gives you better breath and improves your overall health and wellbeing.

7) Exercise daily.

This one is a no brainer, but the focus here is the heart. According to the American Journal of Hypertension, it’s all about your resting heart rate, as if it’s too high, you reduce your life span.  To reduce it, simply exercise daily, reduce stress through yoga or meditation and eat heart healthy foods like nuts and berries.

What’s your anti-aging tip?


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