The Only Summer Skincare Guide You’ll Need This Season For Breakouts

the best skincare for blemish prone skin

Eight products to help keep skin clean and clear and ready for hot beach days and balmy summer nights.

With summer around the corner, now is the time to prep the skin and be ready for spending long days wearing sunscreen and foundation.

Check out these eight fab products which help prep and treat the skin for breakouts and congestion in summer.

Prevention Products:

Silvi Pillowcase RRP $89

Launched in 2020 by founders Ben Goodman and Max Herten, the Silvi pillowcase RRP $ is an anti-acne pillowcase made from 100 percent silk and designed to prevent skin friction whilst you sleep, helping to stop breakouts, as skin can breathe during the night. 

According to studies conducted by Silvi, the face spend a third of its time on a pillow that has dust mites, sixteen different fungi, and a thousand times more bacteria than that of a toilet seat (shocking), resulting in breakouts and even acne on the skin. 

Silvi uses silver ions woven into the fabric of the pillowcase, which help kill 99.7 percent of bacteria before it has a chance to reproduce and attack the skin. The pillowcase is hypoallergenic, completely natural and non-toxic, and perfect for all skin types and ages.

Caudalie Paris:

caudalie skincare

Inspired by French vineyards, this skincare brand is a natural cosmetic treatment range that uses blemish prevention ingredients like salicylic acid and vitis vinifera (a fancy name for grape seed oil), which are both known for their rich properties to treat and nourish skin, keeping it clean and clear by managing oil production and keeping cells clear.

This natural solution for acne-prone skin includes a wide range of formulated skincare products expertly crafted to help manage blemishes, acne and prevent them too.

The Vinopure Purifying Toner RRP $37.95 tightens pores, reduces imperfections and oily shine, is vegan and non-comedogenic with 99 percent of the ingredients being of natural origin. Ideal for use right after cleansing both morning and night to help keep pores clean and tight.

The Vinopure Control Salicylic Serum RRP $68.95 helps prevent sebum oxidation often responsible for producing blackheads, whilst it also works to unclog pores, refine skin texture and reduce inflammation.

QED Skincare:

Powered by nature and designed specifically for sensitive skin and blemish prone skin, QED has been specially formulated by a qualified pharmacist to help prevent blemishes, treat them, manage sensitive skin and keep skin glowing and youthful in appearance too.

The Clarify Shake to Activate Exfoliator RRP $78 made with peppermint essential oil, to help reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin, also works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and make blemishes clear faster.

Match that with the Clarify Shake to Activate Cleanser RRP $54 which is formulated for oily, blemished and combination skin works to naturally unblock pores, clear away dirt and grime, and balances sebaceous activity and the skin’s natural oils using peppermint oil and cypress oil which have antibacterial properties, and also help with inflammation and swelling on the skin. Oh and it smells great too. If you like peppermint that is.

Check out the Clarity Starter Kit RRP $92 which is a great introductory package to help you get clear skin for summer.

Treatment Products:


The Enzyme Exfoliating Mask RRP $58 by Glamask is a revolutionary new scrub-to-mask blend made from raw oats, coconut powder, pineapple, and papaya to help buff away dead skin cells, clear out pores and even stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells. 

Enzymes are known for their restorative benefits for skin, providing a deep cleanse to the pores, which help heal blemishes faster for clearer, glowing skin. 

Tip: With enzyme masks, always take a patch test to ensure skin is okay, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Bye, Bye Blemish:

For spot treating inflamed blemishes, the Vitamin C Dark Spot Brightening Lotion RRP $16.99 uses Glycolic Acid to go deep into the pore and banish bacteria for good, helping spots heal faster, whilst the vitamin C helps restore skin tone and health after healing.

And for a deep cleanse to the skin, try their Dissolving Cleanser made with Witch Hazel RRP $16.99 and designed to help control oil whilst providing skin nourishment during the cleansing process. 

To use the dissolving cleansing pads, you simply place one of the dissolving cleansing pads on your hand, wet the pad in your hands underwater, and then rub your hands together to create a lather. Using a circular motion, cleanse away all dirt, grime, and dead skin cells.

Skin B5:

Nourish your insides as well as the outside, to help keep skin glowing, healthy youthful, and clear from any breakouts. 

Skin B5 has formulated a Superfood Booster RRP of $65.90, which can easily be added to your morning smoothie drink or bowl, to help nourish your insides and keep them protected from any sugar or carb-filled foods throughout the day.

Made with marine collagen and with the added ingredients of probiotics, organic hemp protein, enzymes, and vitamin B5, this skin booster will help you achieve blemish-free skin.

Simply add one scoop to your smoothie and mix, and your body will thank you later for it, I promise.

To keep skin clear on the outside, their Cleanser RRP $29.90 made from Kangaroo flower, Tasmanian blue gum, snow flower, and vitamin B5 will help deeply cleanse the skin to help keep blemishes away and treat them as well.

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