Freedom: The Ultimate Guide To Looking & Feeling Fab This Summer.

Getting life back to normal life and our newfound freedom isn’t as simple as we might think. This is the step by step guide to looking and feeling fab this summer.

The world has experienced so many stops and starts during the pandemic. We are living through a time of profound global change, and challenges.

This is a moment in time the world will look back on as one of extraordinary transformation, transition and adjustments.

Each of us is experiencing this change within our own world, family and life. And sometimes the humblest most basic things – like having a workout or booking a facial are what is needed to get our mind and body back on track and moving forwards.

This is a simple, no-nonsense guide on steps to take this week to get your summer as well as your life and your look happening again.

Getting organised for summer this year and adjusting to out freedoms will take some planning and organising to ensure you get what you want out of it.

These are the appointments and practical things to do for your beauty and health to look damn hot this summer.

  1. Laser hair removal – This is the ultimate way to get rid of unwanted hair for good-and now ia the ideal time to start, before you spend time in the sun.
  2. Lunch with the girls – It can be weeks away, but having a long lunch with your besties is the best way to re-engage your social skills. 
  3. A mani/pedi – Very few women have maintained their manicures over the past few months, so it going to feel absolutely fabulous to have colour on your toes and fingers, especially given summer is coming. 
  4. Try Some New Fitness – I don’t need to put the multiple ways fitness helps your body here, but don’t forget the boost to your mental state as well. There is absolutely nothing to lose here. 
Try a new type of fitness, like high altitude training, or hiking.
  1. Brows & Lashes – Brows frame the face and can instantly lift your look. And brows are a great form of pampering. Lashes are also a way to instantly lift the face and feel fresh, feminine and groomed, but book now as everyone is going to have the same thing on their mind.
  2. Balayage – the balayage is still a big look for summer 2021/2022 and it is the one hair colour treatment that is almost impossible to give to yourself. So step up and get your hair done so you can step out looking eye catching and elegant. 
  3. Blow Dry – Hair appointments are reportedly pretty full already, but even a blow dry booking will lift your spirits, and in a small amount of time, leave you looking and feeling fabulous. 
Feel refreshed with a stunning blowdry.
  1. A Massage – Human touch is so important, especially if you live on your own or you are single. Given the state of the world, it has no doubt been a while between hugs. A massage is a fabulous alternative. Even a foot massage will go a long way to restoring your energy and groudnedness.
  2. Book for Christmas – Might sound ridiculous given it is only October, but this year things are going to book up and book out. Plus you need things to look forward to. Book family lunches, drinks with a friend, just get organised and get out there.
  3. Weekend Away- Even a night away will do wonders for the soul right now. And again, having things to look forward to is so important, so jump online and book somewhere, even a night to change things up. Go with your lover, a friend or even solo. Just go.
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Free yourself for summer with these simple tips.
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