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Cutting Edge Beauty to Bring You into Autumn

This is your ultimate beauty guide to help transition your skin from Summer to Autumn. Summer is officially over, which means it’s time to switch your beauty routine and help your skin deal with the cooler temperatures of Autumn. Starting with your hair, Autumn is the best time to start renewing hair cells from all […]

When and When Not To Use Organic and Natural Beauty Products

It’s entirely possible you have been using your organic and natural based beauty products the wrong way and at the wrong time. It’s no secret, when you use organic and natural based beauty products, they often go hard in the winter months, melt in the summer months or don’t give you the staying power other […]

How to Make the Transition into Using Natural Beauty Products

Any easy how-to guide to make the switch to natural beauty products. Using natural beauty products may seem overwhelming at first, but there are simple things to do and look out for, to help transition smoothly into ditching toxin-based beauty products, for more natural-based ones. When starting out, the important thing to remember, is you […]

Healthy Life Have Just Launched Their NEW Beauty Bar

This new beauty bar from Healthy Life is where to go for all of your beauty needs. Australia’s largest health retailer has just made natural and organic beauty more accessible with their new beauty bar and starter kit. Healthy Life has been in the business of promoting a cleaner, healthier life to Australians for almost […]

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