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Zero Waste Beauty Products: Do Beauty Products Need Packaging?

Zero-waste beauty is becoming an increasingly popular way to not only care for the skin, but also care for the environment. Lush, LOLI Beauty and Kjaer Weis.

Natural Beauty: It’s Not Always What it Seems

Natural Beauty isn’t always what it seems, according to an Aussie skincare expert. Bondi Beauty speaks to natural skincare expert Mukti, founder of Mukti Organics and author of holistic beauty bible ‘Truth in Beauty,’ about the dangers of Australian beauty products. Living in Australia, many people take it for granted that cosmetic products are adequately […]

Exciting Beauty trends for 2018

These are the exciting beauty trends we predict for 2018 It’s our favourite time of year here at Bondi Beauty! Beauty season is here and we are being bombed with some of the latest beauty products from around the country, and the globe. Sephora just had their 2018 beauty launch, where the latest beauty brands […]

4 Mascaras That Won’t clump. No Matter What.

Mascara is one of the most important elements of any makeup routine, as it brings your face to life making your eyes pop. But if the mascara isn’t clump free, then your 10-minute; or 30-minute makeup routine, can become a total waste of time. Here are four mascaras, that won’t clump: RAWW Superfood Infused Beauty […]

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