Autumn Beauty Launches 2019

2019 Beauty Product Launches

Bondi Beauty attends events launching Autumn 2019’s latest beauty products and technologies.

Unilever Love, Beauty, Planet Launch

Unilever hosted a glamorous breakfast to launch the new eco-friendly beauty brand Love, Beauty & Planet at Acre in Sydney. The products include hair products: shampoos, conditioners and oils, and bath/body products including shower gels, soaps and scrubs.

A super healthy breakfast was enjoyed by over 40 media identities as a panel talked about the importance of taking small steps to contribute to the preservation of the planet.

The products from Love, Beauty, Planet have been made with recycled plastic, and the shampoos & conditioners have been formulated to rinse through hair faster to reduce shower time. 

The big message was if all of us pick up plastic we see on the street and put it into the bin, we will reduce the amount if plastic in the world’s oceans.

Love Beauty and Planet 2019 Launch


Pantene hosted a gorgeous party for the launch of their ground-breaking new micellar hair range, promoted by Pantene Australia’s new embassador, Home and Away actress Pia Miller

Attendees were treated to nibbles and cocktails, and listened to a Q&A with professional hairdresser Remington Schulz and P&G’s principle beauty scientist, Saint.

Pantene 2019 Micellar Launch

Herbal Essences: Pay it Flora Launch

Bondi Beauty founder Renae Leith-Manos and writer Zoe Bradbury attended the launch of Herbal Essences new Bio:renew range of shampoos and conditioners, at a gorgeous breakfast on the rooftop of the Old Clare Hotel in Sydney. 

With avocado toast, bircher muesli and coffee on hand, the new line of shampoos was unveiled that contained no parabens, colourants or gluten. Available in delicious scents such as strawberry and white mint, or whipped cocoa butter, the new line contains a rate anti-oxidant that helps to remove damaging free radicals from the hair, leaving it clean and beautiful. And the best part? It’s all desired from natural botanical ingredients and not tested on animals, meaning it’s completely guilt-free.

The event was made special by a “Pay It Flora” initiative, in which we were encouraged to make beautiful floral bouquets from the flowers on hand. We could then send a similar bouquet on to a person of our choice, where they would also receive products from the new range. 

Herbal Essences 2019 Launch


Bondi Beauty founder Renae Leith-Manos and Rebecca Wilkinson attended a luxe intimate breakfast at Sydney Tower for Innisfree to celebrate the opening of the Sydney QVB store. 

The breakfast was followed by a VIP tour of the brand new store.

Innisfree is Korea’s first natural beauty brand with over 20 million customers. The products are based on green tea.

Thirteen bottles of green tea serum are sold globally every minute.

The brand is dedicated to making the world a better place through preservation, recycling, art, architecture and literature.

Innisfree Australia Launch


Fitbit hosted an influencer event at the super trendy Paramount Recreation Club to launch the new generation Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Inspire HR.

The fabulous new fitness trackers are lighter, more fashionable and easier to use – and they look hot.

Guests drank super clean smoothies & enjoyed a light, healthy breakfast including amazing peanut butter bliss balls.

Fitbit 2019 Launch

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