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Aussie MAFS star Natasha Spencer talks about about her new non-evasive lip plump brand called Lip MD.

Founded only a year ago, Lip MD is a natural lip plumper which combines the best lip active ingredients. It is Australian Made, cruelty-free and uses time-activated device technology which instantly plumps lips fuller lips in seconds, whilst nourishing and hydrating at the same time.

The 26-year-old financial analyst helped develop the lip plumping product which is free of fillers, making it is natural as possible, whilst giving nice full lips at the same time.

“Lip MD is my baby. I’ve known Alex, founder of Lip MD for a while, so I was involved in the early stages of business and provided input into the development of the brand and the products from the beginning.” She says.

Natasha is the marketing and communication executive for the label and is heavily involved in the public relations, corporate relations, consumer trials and digital media for the brand.

Lip MD comes in two parts, one for long term and one for instant plumping.

The first part is a natural collagen plumping gloss which when applied daily, will form a collagen build up in the lips to natural fill lips over time, leaving them fresh, fuller and well nourished.

The second part is a suction device, which when used on the lips will instant plumb for a non-evasive lip treatment which lasts anywhere between four to six hours, and perfect for events such as weddings.

“As opposed to most lip glosses you buy, this is a serum which you apply every day to your lips. It’ll build up over time, puff out any fine lines around the lip area and because the ingredients are natural, it’s safe for any age to use.

The part two of the Lip MD kit is for when you’re going out and want a fake lip look without having any injections. It’s like a small vacuum attachment which uses gentle suction to plump out the lips. It’s completely safe, and to date, we haven’t had any reports of bruising. The plumping lasts up to six hours. Which is perfect for events.” She says.

A before and after shot on how the Lip MD works to plump lips
A before and after shot on how the Lip MD works to plump lips naturally.
A before and after shot on how the Lip MD works to plump lips

With a background in finance and a passion for beauty from a young age, Natasha has always believed natural beauty is the way to go, for achieving long-lasting looks which are healthier for you, less evasive and less damaging to the body as you age.

“My life has always been stressful, even before MAFS. As a model and working in finance, the stress of a busy lifestyle and the demand of wearing so much makeup (some of which was not good for your skin at all), I had terrible acne.

It took a while to figure out what worked for me and what didn’t. And I realised the more natural the ingredients being put on my skin (and in my body) the less breakouts. That’s when I realised I needed to start taking care of myself a little better, especially when it came to my skin.” She says.

And with a constant demand from consumers for more natural alternatives to face lifts, lip treatments and other beauty therapies, Natasha realised there was a real gap in the market lip plumbing which was both natural and non-evasive. Lip MD was born.

Patented with natural ingredients like chilli, and some other secret ingredients which can’t be disclosed, Lip MD has so far been incredible successful in Australia, the USA and the UK, with a ninety percent success rate of the product working for many women, helping them plump their lips naturally and instantly with the second stage non-evasive lip suction device.

My Favourite Beauty Product of the Week:

Peter Thomas Roth Prostrength Retinoid Peptide Serum RRP $181

PETER THOMAS ROTH Pro Strength Retinoid Peptide Serum

Did you know all females stop producing natural collagen around the age of 25? Eek! That explains why skin starts to show fine lines and wrinkles in your mid-twenties.

Collagen is vital for skin health, keeping it glowing and youthful looking. With so many internal ways of boosting collagen, from powders to tablets and some foods you can digest daily to help your body produce collage, it’s nice to know some beauty brands have successfully developed products which will give you instant result on the outside too.

Because heck, we are all a little impatient and want instant result, right?

This serum does just that, and has become a real hero in my daily skincare routine. You use it at night only and in the morning BOOM! A major reduction in fine lines around the mouth and eye area.

Made using ingredients like Hexapeptide Complex, which is a collagen-supporting peptide that works synergistically with another important ingredient in this serum called Granactive Retinoid, both work to significantly reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I certainly noticed differences the next day, though depending on your skin care concerns, it may take a little longer.

Although on the high end of the beauty price scale, this product is a great investment for anyone wanting to dispel those crows feet lines from around the eye area for good, and a little goes a long way. So, you won’t need much and can get a good month to a month and half out of the bottle.

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