All That Glitters – Should be Sustainable.

All that glitters – should be sustainable.

Make sure your glitter products are sustainable this Festival Season.

It’s easy to make sustainable beauty choices this festival season with Aussie brands offering eco-friendly glitter.

Coming up to the Summer festival season, the need to be covered in glitter will once again emerge. 

Glam glitter can be the make or break of the ultimate festival look, yet most cosmetic (or not) glitters are made with plastic. Any glitter made from plastic that falls off the body, face or hair will not break down, and stay in the environment forever, more often than not ending up in the ocean; with up to 51 trillion glitter fragments ending up in the ocean every year.

Fear not, the love of glitter can be fulfilled, with many brands now catering for the sustainable festival goer with eco-friendly glitter products for the body, face and hair. These new eco-friendly glitters are made with synthetic, mineral based sparkle products such as synthetic Mica that are completely bio-degradable and plastic free – not to mention better for the skin.

Here are some Aussie brands offering sustainable glitter options to complete any festival look:

Biodegradable Glitter, Project Glitter RRP from $9.95

Project Glitter launched in 2016 in Western Australia and price themselves on brightening and sparkling up events all around Australia. With an online store boasting body and face glitter, glitter application brush sets and body gem adhesive, Project Glitter have any festival need covered. Their biodegradable range comes in fine and chunky glitter and offers 20 eco-friendly glitter colour options.

Glitter Girl Glitter, Glitter Girl RRP from $8.50

Aside from all of Glitter Girl’s products being certified cruelty free, vegan, plastic free, allergen sensitive and 40% softer than plastic glitter, they are also all designed and curated by 10-year-old Sophia Rizzo. With more than 100 glitter options, including a specific festival and performance range, Glitter Girl will have a glitter option for every festival goer this season.

Enviro Glitter, Glitter Haven RRP from $6.60

Glitter Haven is Australia’s leading supplier of cosmetic and biodegradable glitter. Their motto is “Glitter as unique as you”, which is reflected from their extensive collection of glitters. Within their Enviro Glitter range alone, there are over 30 colours to choose from and multiple sizes, making creating the perfect festival look this season completely unique. All of their glitters are also solvent resistant, meaning they will last all day regardless of hail, rain or shine.

Eco Glitter, Three Mamas RRP from $5 

Three Mamas is a Victorian health and beauty store who specialise in natural toiletries, essential oils and eco-friendly glitter. All of Three Mamas’ glitters are biodegradable, certified cruelty free, vegan, cosmetic grade and festival friendly with portable, recyclable and reusable containers. Their glitter range includes 13 different colours, with fine or chunky options, leaving endless possibilities for festival looks. 



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