Would You Go A Year Without Makeup?

It sounds scary to most. Would you go a fortnight? Or even one day without make-up?

Would you go make-up free for a year AND photograph yourself to document the consequences?

We can argue it’s actually better for you, your skin and your life.

Stephanie Yoder went without makeup for a year (and then wrote an eBook about it). She showed the world her face’s naked truth every day for 365 days.

People applauded her, others called her shallow – one man even called her ‘potato face’ – but at the end of it all, her attitude towards cosmetics was irrevocably altered and she’d learned that makeup was a seriously powerful thing.

Taking a break from your makeup can be highly beneficial – physically and emotionally.

Yoder’s attitude to make-up changed when she travelled. And by changed, I mean she realised how time-consuming a daily make-up routine really is. Travelling from Japan to Columbia to Italy to Australia exposed her to diverse cultures with one thing in common – how hard women work to push themselves towards a prescribed set of beauty standards.

It was being a tourist and observing from afar that made Yoder realise how hard women work to be ‘beautiful’. So she stopped wearing make-up to see what would happen.

It seems more people are jumping on the makeup free bandwagon with LFW makeup artist Lucia Peroni revealing that the new look for  SS’14  is “a prettier, healthier natural” look. We share our tricks for looking great makeup-free, and all the reasons why you should get excited about it.

Benefits For Your Skin

We all know that makeup isn’t doing our skin any favours, but that’s not always enough to lay off the concealer. Even the ‘good for your skin’ foundation will take a toll on your skin after a while. Makeup will build up on your face and cause blockages – even if you use makeup remover before bed.

Your skin can’t breathe when you’re wearing makeup, explains skincare expert Sarah Chapman, who suggests a two-day break from makeup each week. Your skin will love not being exposed to the toxins and your complexion will start to feel cleaner. Plus, you’ll get a nice natural glow.

Benefits For You

Think of the amount of time you’ll save putting it on, and taking it off. Removing eye makeup is a laborious task in itself and wiping away layers of foundation, concealer, bronzer etc can take some serious time.

On a makeup free day all you’ll need to do is splash your face with a gentle cleaner, tone and moisturise after, and you’re ready to hit the sack.

No morning raccoon eyes and no lipstick on the pillow. Plus, the younger you start makeup, the faster your skin will age – so laying off will buy you more time looking younger, and who doesn’t want that? Winona Dimeo-Ediger, a fashion blogger who went a fortnight without makeup last year, wrote that he boyfriend didn’t even notice.

How Not To Wear Makeup and Still Look Good

Keeping your skin fresh by exfoliating it and getting rid of clogged pores will brighten your face. Exfoliate once a week for dry skin and three times a week for oily skin. Staying hydrated will also give your skin a healthy glow.

Face moisturiser is also essential for hydration and makes your skin look plumper and healthier – a lightweight gel or lotion is your best bet. For a bonus choose a moisturiser and lip balm with SPF for daily use. Exposure to too much sun will age your skin even faster than makeup will.

Grooming your eyebrows and curling your lashes will help your eyes stand out, no mascara necessary.

Trying Wearing Less Make-Up

Chapman reminds us that if you can’t face going barefaced, wearing less will still benefit your skin. Use lightweight products and reduce the overall amount that you use. You still need to stick to a cleansing routine even when you’re not wearing makeup. Clay masks or a quick steam will draw the impurities out of your skin and unclog the pores.

By BB Intern Yael Brender

Who do you know who wears no make-up?

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