Inject some life back into your hair.

Bondi Beauty has sourced the latest products to give your hair strength and shine, plus we reveal our personal secrets for great hair post-workout.

Pureology Strength Cure Group Shot
Pureology gives hair strength and shine.

Workouts strip your hair. From sweat to excessive showers, not to mention swimming, fit girls have to spend more time and effort to keep their hair looking good. There are two new sets of products on the market almost guaranteed to put life back into your hair as well as protect it into the future.

The UVA and UVB protection in Pureology’s Strength Cure make is perfect to use when doing any sport.  This 100% vegan haircare system helps to repair your hair post workout and protect it going forwards.  It gives hair strength, but it still feels silky.

Hair exposed to the environment when keeping fit can incur micro-scarring which is when part of the hair lipid layer is removed leaving it weak and damaged. Vitamin E helps repair and strengthen, and cermaide and arginine help heal. Pureology strength cure shampoo $35.95, Condition $35.95, Treatment $42.95,

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Our pick of new hair care products for girls who keep fit.

Redken’s colour magnetics is designed to help keep colour locked into the hair for longer – but it also helps  keep it moist, strong and conditioned.  It is sulphate free which means it’s healthier, and amino-ions and amino acids ensure colour is locked in and hair is moist.

We love the leave-in multi-benefit treatment spray –ideal before a workout.  Redken color extend magnetics sulfate-free shampoo RRP$24.95, conditioner RRP$24.95  Redken Color Extend Magnetics Radiant-10 leave-in spray  RRP$29.00

Tips for great hair post-workout:

1)   Pop some hair mask on the ends of your hair under your swimming cap whenever you are having a swim for moist ends afterwards.

2)   If you’re swimming without a cap, run clean water through your hair first as it will absorb far less salt or chlorine when you are swimming.

3)   When running, cycling, at the gym or doing yoga, put hair in a bun. Don’t wet it in the shower, but let it out when you’re finished for volume filled locks – don’t brush or comb, just pin with some bobby pins if you need for great beach hair.

4)   Use hair elastics without the metal catch to reduce damage to your hair, and wear ponytails as loose as you can to avoid breakage.

5) When you can, don’t wash hair after a big workout, as your natural oils can be beneficial occasionally if left on overnight.

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Two hair treatments that work, from Redken and Pureology.
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