Our Favourite Celebrity Mums: Famous, Fabulous AND Fit

How on earth do celebrity mums do it? They’re famous, fabulous – and they’ve got a banging bod to boot? How do they do it?

1. Miranda Kerr

This Aussie beauty’s slender frame is clearly the result of hard work and dedication – probably more than we can imagine. She says she works out four times a week for 75 minutes at a time, focusing evenly on her arms, legs and core, not to mention the stretching and balance training.

Currently in Sydney, Miranda is a big believer in the blood-type diet, maintaining it’s the key to keeping her lean, toned frame. Demi Moore and Liz Hurley are just some of the myriad of celebrities jumping on the blood-type diet band wagon, with Kerr insisting that it gives her plenty of natural energy and makes her snack healthily. Well, if it’s good enough for a former Victoria’s Secret model…Miranda is single mum to gorgeous three-year-old, Flynn.

Miranda Kerr looking stunning modelling for Reebok. Image courtesy of Reebok.

2. Elle Macpherson

Elle sticks strictly to an organic diet and hour-long daily workouts – and it shows. At 50 ( hard to believe, we know), she’s got a sizzling hot bikini bod and is an inspiration to all women of all ages. She admits she takes her running shoes and iPod everywhere she goes, in case she finds the time to squeeze in a quick run. And it’s not just for the physical benefits either – Elle sees running as “a sort of moving meditation” – it keeps her head clear too. She follows the motto of trainer James Duigan: “work smarter, not harder!” Elle is a single mum of two boys, aged 14 and 9, but you’d never know it.


3. Kate Hudson

Her fitness game is not for the faint of heart. She keeps active six days a week, saying she’ll do anything to ‘break a sweat’ – and one the best ways to do that is running around with the kids. Kate credits  fifteen years dedicated to Pilates for her perfect figure. She also keeps it real, saying, “I work out to feel great, but also to look great.” There’s no way you’d get out of bed at the crack of dawn just for the mood boost, right? She isn’t strict about what she eats either, preferring to work it off at the gym than restrict her diet. Kate keeps herself feeling fab by indulging in her two favourite things whenever she needs a little boost: champagne and lipstick. And her two sons, Bingham and Ryder, are gorgeous.

Kate Hudson reportedly works out 6 days a week.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

With two children, Gwyneth doesn’t try to fill up her entire life with diet and exercise. She works under the mantra ‘run more if you eat more’. She loves to eat macro biotic food, and believes that an hour of cardio four days a week is enough if you eat a balanced diet. Gwyneth operates under a fixed exercise schedule, so she doesn’t have to worry about fitting a workout into her busy life – it’s already there. Weights are for toning, not for body-building, so she doesn’t lift more than three pounds. She always follows her workouts with a low carb lunch and a kale shake, drinking lots of water to replace what she loses from sweating and to make her skin look great. And it’s paid off – at forty-one, freshly separated, she still  looks stunning.

For Gwyneth, life balance and health have always been part of her mantra.

5. Reese Witherspoon

At 39 with three children, you could forgive any women for falling off the fitness bandwagon. But Reese never does. She trains three to four times a week without fail, mixing cardio with strength training and a generally healthy diet.  Reese is especially focused on her strenght training, which also helps fire up your metabolism, according to trainer Michael George. She also went on hiked with George, and did extra strenght work with light dumbbells to drop a little extra body fat and sculpt a little more lean muscle. And getting fitter made her feel more self-confident. Way to go.

Reese Witherspoon always looks amazing.

By BB Intern Yael Brender.

Who is your favourite celebrity mum?

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