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Experts Confirm Alcohol Ages the Skin – Fact!

Alcohol not only gives you headaches and hangovers, it has a significant impact on your skin. According to LA Dermatologist Dr Lance; who counts Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham on his start studded client list, it can take anywhere from two to four weeks for your skin to regulate after a big night of drinking. […]

Replace the potentially harmful products you’re using every day

Chemicals are a part of so many aspects of our lives every day. There are easy ways to reduce them and reduce your exposure. Simple everyday products like dishwashing detergent, bug spray and air freshener and can be toxic for the body and the environment. Where possible, using organic or alternative products. They’ll save you […]

A cream to dissolve fat? Scientists are saying maybe.

Scientists researching baldness have stumbled on a protein that could reduce fat production. In research looking at hair growth, it has been discovered that the fat tissue under the hair follicles is activated by the same protein that triggers hair growth. This discovery could lead to the invention of fat dissolving creams. The groundbreaking research […]