Adidas to stop using plastic in all clothing by 2024.

Adidas has announced they will only use recycled (upcycled) plastics by 2024.

Adidas, a German company has announced they will only use recycled plastics by 2024 in their clothing ranges, and in 2018 they will stop using virgin plastic in their office, retail outlets, warehouses and distribution centres.

Adidas is the world’s largest sportswear brand, and this could save an estimated 40 tonnes of plastic per year. Research in 2016 by the World Economic Forum shows there is likely to be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by weight by 2050.

The pledge to eliminate the use of “virgin plastic” includes getting rid of the fabric polyester- used by almost all sporting clothing brands in everything from t-shirts to shorts, and underwear as it dries quickly and is super light. Around half of Adidas’ 920m items contain polyester.

The recycled polyester is around 10-20% more expensive than virgin polyester.

The Adidas apparel line for spring/summer 2019 will contain around 41% recycled polyester.

Adias Parley shoes.
Adidas saves the world one pair of shoes at a time.

At The Australian Open in Melbourne earlier this year, they announced the global launch of a new collection of tennis wear made with plastic waste in collaboration with NYC based environmental non-profit Parley-for-Oceans.

Adidas also manufactures Parley shoes, the world’s first mass-produced running shoe, made from recycled material.  It is made with upcycled plastic waste from recycled water bottles. They have been intercepted before they reach the ocean. Sales of this one item are expected to soar globally and reach 11 million this year.

Adidas is joining a long line of global companies joining the fight for the environment. Other clothing brands are addressing the same issue, including H&M who already use polyester substitutes, Patagonia, and Stella McCartney.

Ikea is phasing out single use plastic from its global stores and restaurants. Starbucks has plans to get rid of plastic straws from its stores and McDonalds is launching new packaging.

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