Lessons I’ve Learnt From Mum

For Mother’s Day, the Bondi Beauty team shares the best life lessons they’ve received from their mum.

Celebrate mum this Mother’s Day.



Bondi Beauty writer, Rebecca Wilkinson, with her mum back in 2011.

The most important thing I learnt from my mum is to always stay positive no matter how much life can get you down. If you’re sad, laugh. When you’re stressed, smile. And when you’re unhappy, do something nice for someone else. This will make you happy. My mum’s favourite quote was always: ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’ She had this quote scattered all over the house to remind herself and me to stay positive and to keep motivated in life.



Bondi Beauty Founder, Renae Leith-Manos, and her daughter Stella having their first hair cut together yesterday at Franck Provost in Bondi.

My life lessons have come from being a mum for almost ten years to my twins, Mason & Stella. There is definitely something about being a mum to a daughter, and my daughter Stella has taught me so many things already. The biggest lesson has been patience, which I am still working on, and the importance of caring for the environment, which she talks about a lot. She is also the healthiest person I know, and her favourite food is cucumber. I find everything about her just adorable.


Bondi Beauty writer, Sylvia Lee, and her mum on the way to a harbour-side wedding.

My mum always stresses the importance of working hard to achieve my goals – with style and a glass of red. She’s all about maintaining that balance between perseverance and letting loose in life. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from her, it’s to face my adversities with determination and optimism; love myself and fill my life with purpose.


Bondi Beauty writer, Marielle Punzal, with her mum.

My mum has taught me that it’s always a bad idea to wear a fluorescent-coloured bra under a white T-shirt. But in all seriousness, my mum has always inspired me through her independence and fearlessness. She raised me as a single mother and I’ve always admired how she gracefully handles everything that life throws at her. I’ve learnt to be strong and independent on my own, because that’s what my mum represents. She’s taught me to be generous with people and to always laugh at life’s little problems.

Marielle Punzal


Marielle is a lover of all things fashion and beauty, and is usually seen with a coffee in one hand and makeup swatches in the other.

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