7 Reasons You Need An Ayurvedic Massage ASAP



Why you need an ayurvedic massage ASAP

From remedial, deep tissue, shiatsu, hot stone, reflexology, Thai, Swedish and Chinese, there are plenty of different massages to choose from, but have you tried an Abhyanga?

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic Massage and an experience everyone must try at least once. In fact, Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health and healing modality, recommends doing self-abhyanga daily to continuously detox the body and provide protection from the external environment.

So how is Ayurvedic different from any other massage?

1) The oils are medicated

Ayurveda uses all things natural to heal the body including many ancient herbs and oils. The skin, being the largest organ of the body, is the best place to penetrate these herbs and give nourishment to all the bodies seven tissues and organs. Oils and herbs are chosen based on the season and individual mind-body type. Usually, sesame oil is used in the cooler months and for bodies that need warmth, and coconut in summer and for those who need to cool down.

2) The strokes are specialised

The massage strokes are selected again based on your body-type and needs. They can be long and slow for the smaller, fragile frames, and vigorous and stimulating to break-up toxins on those carrying a little more weight. All in a rhythmic and sequential manner that can feel like a dance.

3) Calms the nerves and helps sleep

Abhyanga is naturally going to calm your mind right down as there is great importance on the head. It will release stress, tame anxiety and improve your sleep.

4) Increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation

For those who experience bad circulation, this may just be the answer. Blood is circulated all throughout the body whilst moving and strengthening lymph and aiding detoxification.

5) It’s a detox

The medicated oils push toxins out of the body through the GI tract and skin. Steaming is also often used after the oil is applied to sweat it out. It can feel like a complete work-out leaving a little wiped out afterwards. Resting and keeping hydrated by sipping hot water is key.

6) Unlocks energy points

Heard of Marma points? They are the storehouse of vital energy commonly used in acupuncture. An Abhyanga gives gentle attention to these points unblocking and enlivening the life-force within you.

7) Strengthens and nourishes you inside and out

As mentioned, the oils penetrate deep through skin giving your insides all the nourishment they need. On the outside from regular abhyanga, you will find more flexibility in your muscles and joints, firmness to the limbs, softer and more lustrous skin (natural anti-agent minus the chemicals) and makes your hair grow softer, thicker and glossier.

Find a therapist who is pure to Ayurveda and practicing authentically, you will feel the difference straight away.

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