Fall in Love – Your body needs it.



Falling in love can effect your body in ways you wont even know about.

Love is a drug.

From dumbing you down to making your heart  skip a beat, love has physiological effects beyond our imagination.

Here are five more reasons to fall in love.

 1.     Love makes your heart skip a beat

Whether it’s to slow down or speed up, studies say that when we’re in love our hearts will beat at the same rate of our partners. Being in love can also decrease blood pressure and heart rate thanks to it’s affect on hormone levels.

 2.     Love dumbs you down

Day dreaming of your crush isn’t the only way love turns our mind to mush. Studies show that when we’re in love we are less able to focus. Instead we use our cognitive resources to think of our crush. Not only this but when in love our brains release the “love hormone” oxytocins which can weaken memory.

 3.     And love can increase brain activity

Love truly is confusing. At the same time as making you absent minded, falling in love stimulates 12 regions of the brain. These regions may be responsible for your quickened heart rate or the butterflies in your stomach.

 4.      Love is a drug

Studies show that being in love can reduce pain or make you buzz. Being in an intense love activates the same areas of the brain that drugs do to reduce pain. Also, when you fall in love, the same areas of the brain linked to cocaine addiction are stimulated, suggesting love gives you the same sense of euphoria without the harmful side effects.

5.     Love makes your voice higher

That’s right girls, studies show our voices jump a few octaves when we’re speaking to someone we find attractive. We’re also likely to mimic or try and match our crushes tone in an effort to show affection and similar thinking.

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

What crazy things does love make you do?




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