How To Find Love On Valentine’s Day

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I have always been a romantic. One of my favourite scenes in any movie is the one at the start of Love Actually. You know; the one at the airport where Hugh Grant’s voice comes over the images of people re-uniting at airports, talking about love. I still cry every time I see it.

Valentines Day is a day when I see a lot of my friends feeling sad because they are alone, or recently broken up or not with the person they want to be with.

But I think that is short sighted. Finding the right relationship is not easy in life, and despite what instagram feeds and social media stories seem to say – that everyone is in love, and finds happiness and love easily (except you), it’s simply not true.

What is true is that we all have people around is who love us, from our families, to friends, neighbours, and yes, even our pets. And gratitude for the love of those people is one of the most important things to celebrate this Valentines Day.

The other important step today to finding the right relationship is loving ourselves, and finding self-love. Many psychologists and experts say this is the easiest way to find love outside of ourselves.

There are a myriad of different ways to do this, but the one most talked about is looking in the mirror every morning, and simple saying “I Love You” over and over. And believing “I am Enough”

Google Marissa Peer, or Abraham Hicks or virtually any self-help guru for more tips on self-love. But most of all have a happy Valentines Day and invest in yourself – it is guaranteed to pay off.

And if you’re at a loose end, watching Love Actually is almost guaranteed to renew your faith in love.

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