40 Date Ideas For Summer

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Summer is coming, and with that comes sunny days, late nights and a special date with your significant other.

It’s been another tumultuous year, full of uncertainty and the unknown. With the inevitable ease of lockdown in many parts of the world, there has never been a better time to tick a fresh and exciting date that will bring a spark back to any relationship.

Whether it’s the nerves and thrill of a first date, that time to reunite again and experience life with your partner, or if lockdown has inhibited the ability to have a normal conversation with another human, here are 40of the best date ideas for summer and beyond. 

1. Go on one of Sydney’s most exquisite coastal walks.

2.  Go to a plant nursery and buy some plants to grow a mini garden together. Fast – growing veggies lend themselves to the perfect dinner. 

3. Host a wine tasting night as a pair. 

4. Go on a hiking date. Explore somewhere new and immerse in nature together.

5. Take a drive, ditch the maps. Get some road trip snacks at the ready and drive wherever the wind blows. 

6. Do a gym class together. Whether it’s yoga, boxing or HIIT, both people will leave feeling rewarded and part of a team.

7. Go out for a meal by the water. There is nothing like the atmosphere of a restaurant with the sun glistening through the windows. 

8. Take a cooking class together. Summer is the perfect time to cook fresh and innovative recipes and enhance those culinary skills for any end of year celebrations. 

9. Write each other love letters. Has been a little too long since feelings have been shared and emotions have been expressed? Exchanging love letters is a surefire way to kickstart the ultimate summer romance. 

10. Take a bunch of personality quizzes. Find out any similar traits of stark contrasts between one another. 

11. Take these quizzes if stuck on conversation.

12. Go for a swim together for a mood boost. Swimming goes hand in hand with mental health.

13. Go shopping together. Hit the city or the nearest centre and help each each pick outfits for summer. 

14. Make each other playlists. Play them on the next road trip together. 

15. Go camping. Nothing beats stargazing with your SO. 

16. Host a dinner party. Christmas is approaching, here is how to host the ultimate festive party together.

17. De – clutter each other’s bedrooms and personal spaces. Two minds are better than one in helping decide what still serves each other and what does not. 

18. Have dinner and see a movie. Nothing beats old – school tradition. 

19. Go on a picnic. Sydneysiders have a variety of picturesque locations for the perfect picnic this summer.

20. Go to the ballet. It really couldn’t get any more romantic. 

21. Go waterskiing. Experiment with new outdoor activities for the ultimate summer experience. 

22. Get cocktails at a trendy bar. 

23. Go to a farmer’s market. Dish up a delicious meal with fresh, local produce. 

24. Bake together. 

25. Go stand – up paddle boarding. SUP’s are easy to hire and a whole lot of fun to use. 

26. Go to the botanical gardens. Blooming flowers in summer makes everything feel like the holiday season. 

27. Go on a double date. 

28. Make homemade pizzas – including the dough. The absolute Italian feast. 

29. Spend a night together in a gorgeous hotel.

30. Go to a breathtaking lookout and soak in the views. Fresh air, perspective and natural wonders can make all the difference. 

31. Visit each other’s hometowns. 

32. Go Christmas shopping together. Buy things for other people, with your person. 

33. Watch a sunrise. Set the alarms and thank yourself later. 

34. Watch a sunset. Grab some drinks and nibbles and enjoy the company as the sun sets over the sky. 

35. Enjoy and experience a luxury dine – in restaurant. Sydney’s best restaurants have something for everyone.

36. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s been too long since anyone has had the opportunity to experience adventure. 

37. Make a healthy summer breakfast on a warm Sunday morning.

38. Take up running together and go for a jog in the local park. 

39. Go for a sunset kayak. 

40. Make vision boards together. Dream big.

Ruby Derrick

Ruby is currently studying communications and journalism and loves writing about fitness, fashion, food, health, travel, culture and politics. Her usual weeks consist of HIIT workouts, walking, testing new recipes, healthy baking and listening to music. On the weekends, she's either continuing her search for Sydney's best almond croissant, or trying Messina's latest flavour. Ruby is also an advocate for women's health and a devoted vegetarian.

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