The Easy Way to Plan the Ultimate Christmas Party

Girls celebrating Christmas together

Five simple ways to plan the best Christmas Party.

Christmas is just around the corner, and so are endless festivities, food, and drink.

Here are five very easy, festive ways to celebrate Christmas with friends.

The Guest List:

The best parties are where some people know each other, and others don’t. That keeps things interesting, and keeps people mingling.

And a sprinkling of ages works well too. Just be sure to remind guests of the party a few days before, as Christmas is a busy time, and you don’t want people not turning up and calling the next day saying they got the date confused.

Hire A Photo Booth:

Is there anything better than a photo booth at an event? Especially if a lot of guests do not know each other as it gets them chatting instantly whilst they wait their turn.

Photo booths aren’t limited to fancy clubs or eastern suburbs parties – you can hire one for your very own Christmas party at a minimal cost.

According to Sydney photo booth providers, photo booths are becoming increasingly popular at Christmas parties, with good reason.

Everyone will be able to bring home their photos as a souvenir that will remind them of your amazing party.

Modern photo booths even come with Instagram hashtags so your guests can instantly upload their photos with your personalised hashtag.

Keep the Drinks Flowing:

The holiday season is one of the best excuses to keep the drinks flowing.

In order to host the perfect Christmas party, you need to preplan the drinks for your guests to enjoy, especially if you plan to make cocktails for your guests.

The basic Australian rule is one bottle of wine or champagne per guest – as a minimum.

But don’t forget to accommodate people who don’t drink alcohol. Not drinking is the new drinking, and non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip is leading the way. And people often prefer it to look like it is an alcoholic drink, so in a wine or cocktail glass.

There are dozens of non-alcoholic wines and beers available at bottle shops and even more non-alcoholic cocktail recipes online you can use.

Just make sure you make the alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails very different to each other so people don’t get confused.

Keep the Food Light, Fresh and Fun:

The best party food is brought out gradually, and starts light and progresses to heavier canapés as guests drink more booze.

Smoked salmon canapés with horseradish creme, wasabi shrimp with avacado on rice cracker, herbed biscuit bites with ricotta and onion jam, peach and prosciutto, platters of creatively chopped vegetables, charcuterie, and roasted spiced nuts are a great start.

Warm dishes like spicy pork and veal meatballs, Italian arancini, and crostini can be brought out after about an hour, then the beef sliders with home made chutney and lettuce, mini chicken burgers and roasted Asian chicken wings much later will ensure guests don’t get too annebriated.

Visually attractive desserts like Macarons, Petit Fours, and Cupcakes are easy finger food, and look beautiful. They can be left out throughout the party as a decorative feature, and for guests to snack on.

Or you could always hire a caterer for your Christmas party, which just makes everything so much easier for you as the host. Just ensure cleaning up afterwards is part of the package.

Play Hot Tunes:

Get onto spotify and ensure you download the latest play lists to keep the party vibe up. You will have to change it as the party progresses.

If you have time, you can create your own Christmas themed playlist. If not, ask a friend to sort it for you and plug their phone into your speakers when they arrive.

And you can even find Christmas Carol remixes of your favourite hits that put a modern spin to old-time classics. Whatever you pick, be sure to keep the music playing all night.

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