How to Book a Summer Holiday Last Minute

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These booking hacks will trick everyone into thinking that last-minute girls trip was actually planned well in advance.

With restrictions constantly changing, people are keen to get away these summer holidays. Gathering the girls and planning a trip is well overdue. 

However, since everyone has to stay in Australia, places are booking out faster than ever. 

Whether visiting family, going to a long-time favourite destination, or trying somewhere new, don’t miss out on the trip of a lifetime this holiday season. 

Plan easy with these simple tips and have an unforgettable girls trip this summer. 

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Great views are a must


This can be the hardest part of booking a holiday last minute, so it’s important to decide on the destination as soon as possible. 

Use comparison sites like Hotels Combined and Trivago to check accommodation instead of trying to juggle countless different websites.  

Staying in the city is likely to be a lot cheaper at this time of year too, making it easier for friends to get fancy and hit the town for a fun and easy girls weekend. 

Try Perth this year for a relaxed escape, or Hobart to escape the heat. 

Think outside the box and give other accommodation choices a go. 

Try AirBnb, holiday parks, bed and breakfasts, and camping grounds for more budget friendly options.

For students, hostels are always an option, and it’s a guaranteed way to meet new people

What to do

Not sure what to do? Try nature-based activities that don’t require bookings. 

Get sporty on a girls weekend away with bush walks to hidden waterfalls and secret beaches, or bike riding to see the sights. 

Take the time to reflect on this crazy year and look forward to the future. 

Get started on new years resolutions, or take advantage of those Boxing Day sales.  

people on a hill looking at sunset
Wake up early for the sunrise

Holiday package deals 

For a truly last minute holiday, planning can be a nightmare, especially when factoring in multiple people and trying to make them all happy.  

Instead of researching and choosing a bunch of little details, consider simplifying the workload with this easy booking hack. 

There are heaps of last minute holiday package deals that combine all the admin into one. Check out Last Minute, Wotif and Luxury Escape.

Package deals can combine flights, accommodation and even car hire. Definitely worth it. 

car on a road at dusk
Road trip along the coast

Be flexible

The most important part of planning a perfect holiday is to be flexible. 

Relax and focus on the most important parts of the trip – maybe ocean views aren’t so important if the trip’s itinerary involves going to the beach everyday anyway. 

No matter what anyone says, there is no golden rule for the best day to travel. 

Check all possible dates, different deals are more likely to still be available mid-week. 

Outside school holidays are definitely going to be less busy too. 


The little luxuries of a holiday might seem like something to forgo in a budget friendly last minute plan, but with a little math often they end up working out in one’s favour. 

Bonus inclusions such as free wi-fi, complimentary breakfast and free parking can make the trip a whole lot cheaper, and is simply one less thing to worry about. 

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Enjoy the summer
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