Want more money? Play more music.

Everyone loves listening to music, and listening to different types of music can actually improve your life. Here’s how:

In the UK Nicola Bendetti told The Independent every young British person should study classical music. A new study has shown there are a multitude of benefits for everyone from music – including upping your income.

1. Improve Focus
Listening to certain types of music, specifically classical music with its harmonious melodies and lack of lyrics while completing multi-step, solution based tasks improves your concentration and alertness. So next time someone wants to play music at work, let them go – it could just improve the bottom line of your business.

2. Lower Your Blood Pressure

According to a study published in MedScape Music that is described as “rhythmically homogenous”—music that has a slow and steady tempo—for even just 30 minutes a day can promote beneficial breathing patterns. This will help you reduce your blood pressure over the course of a day.

3. Increases your fitness 

We’ve discussed the benefits of listening to music while you work-out before (link: http://bondibeauty.com.au/fitness/music-makes-you-work-out-faster-fact/ ), but instead of just throwing on your favourite fast-paced and upbeat music, try something a little more soothing. Studies have shown that classical music can reduce your heart rate, blood pressure, as well as lower your perceived level of exertion. All of this will allow you to exercise harder, for longer.

4. Enhances creativity
Studies have shown that while mid-range ambient noise can improve creativity, the key is finding the right level. About 70 decibels seems to trigger the parts of our brain responsible for creative thinking. So if you’re working on a creative project don’t turn your music up too loud!

5. Therapy
Music therapy is a proven method for helping people relax. It also allows for greater emotional expression. While these benefits are especially useful when helping people with mental illness—by helping them feel less alone and isolated—music therapy can benefit people who aren’t sick as well. If you need to relax, de-stress, or unwind after a hard day or stressful event, soothing music is a great way to do it.

Ally Bodnaruk

Ally enjoys long books and large coffees. She spends most of her time daydreaming about new places to travel instead of writing, and the rest of it daydreaming about all the things she’d like to write.

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