The Easiest Homemade Gnocchi You’ll Ever Make

Close up of gnocchi with peas and mint

If you’re a gnocchi lover then this recipe is for you. Quick, simple and absolutely delicious.

Most gnocchi that’s served in restaurants is potato-based, which requires a lot of effort and time in the kitchen.

This ricotta-based dish is great when entertaining as it doesn’t require much preparation and always impresses guests.


“The Gnocchi”

500g Fresh ricotta (cold)

150g Fresh grated Parmesan

1 Egg, beaten

150g Plain flour (sifted)

Pinch Salt

Pinch Pepper


“The Sauce”

50 grams butter

2 tab extra-virgin olive oil

2 cloves garlic crushed

1 cup fresh peas

¼ cup water

¼ cup picked mint leaves

½ cup picked basil leaves

1 cup roughly chopped parsley

¼ cup grated pecorino cheese


  1. Mash the ricotta with a fork; add the egg, flour & Parmesan and chives.
  2. Using a fork, then your hands, mix until dough forms, the mixture will be very soft, so be very gentle.
  3. On a flour dusted bench
  4. Roll into logs, the diameter of a 10cent piece, cut into 2 cm knobs.
  5. To cook the gnocchi, gently place into salted boiling water; stir very gently with a wooden spoon, when they rise to the surface (approx 1 to 2 min) they are cooked
Remove from boiling water when gnocchi floats.

The Sauce:

  1. In a pan gently heat the butter and oil, add the garlic and stir for a few minutes until the garlic softens
  2. Add the peas and water and turn up the heat until the peas are cooked and the water has evaporated
  3. Add the herbs, gnocchi, salt and pepper to taste
  4. Add the cooked gnocchi
  5. Taste then season
  6. And serve with fresh grated parmesan
Serve immediately and top with freshly grated parmesan.

Claudia Remedios

If Claudia isn't working one of her three jobs, you can find her lifting weights, practicing yoga, or getting experimental in the kitchen. With an interest in media and film and all things foreign, Claudia hopes to find herself in a production role overseas in the not too distant future - New York, London, Los Angeles...who knows.

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