Simplicity. De-clutter and de-tox your life and reach your potential

Simplicity is the latest buzz word. Expect to hear a lot more of it. Declutter and de-tox your life and see what happens.

De-cluttering your life has multiple benefits, one of which is the freedom to think and be free.

Hoarding, storing and hanging onto items that aren’t important or necessary is an easy habit to fall into. Remember the last time you said “I’ll hang onto this, just in case” or “what if I need that one day?”.

It’s easy to make excuses in order to hold onto things. Often we feel vulnerable letting go of items because of the memories they evoke. You may feel safe and prepared knowing you have a box full of dated dress-up costumes in the back of your cupboard “just in case”.

Then there’s the stuff we hold onto that isn’t physical. Stale emotions and negative habits can linger if you don’t forcefully evict them.

Bondi Beauty spoke to Cassie Mendoza-Jones, naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist believes “the cost of clutter in our lives is enormous”, “on some level, we think holding onto clutter makes up feel safe and protected. We think we might keep everything we need around us”. It’s vital to know when and how to de-clutter your precious space, because no one else can do it for you – it’s a super personal process.

Here are four ways to get started on your de-clutter journey:

1) Befriend your clutter

Acceptance is key when beginning any foreign journey. Being aware that your space is cluttered will help you begin the process of deciding what needs to go and what can stay. Cassie believes “your clutter contains a loving, spiritual lesson for you, and once you learn it, you can more easily access and let go of your internal clutter as well”.

2) Notice what truly brings you joy

Be aware of the items and thoughts that make you happy in your space. It may be your favourite pair of track pants or the picture of you and your girlfriends on the coffee table. Notice these items and emotions first of all so you can differentiate between what brings you joy and what brings you down.

3) Clear that clutter

Make a pile of things that you are going to throw away, give away or re-cycle. Be strong – don’t be a push over and let your insecurities hold onto things you’ve already decided on. Make a decision and stick to it. Cassie explains, “And then follow-through with your decisions. You’ll feel the benefits of de-cluttering once everything has gone, not just by simply making the decision to re-home items”.

4) Emptiness is OK

If you are someone who is not used to empty spaces you may feel a little strange immediately after de-cluttering. However, it’s important to sit with the emptiness, both emotional and physical, because it will soon bring you clarity. It’s vital that you allow yourself to become familiar and soon, comfortable with the empty spaces, “otherwise, you will consciously or unconsciously start filling up your space again to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling”, Cassie says.

You will begin to notice once your cleansed space is finished, that you can complete tasks easily, with a clearer mind. Your newly de-cluttered space will allow you to feel motivated and more connected to yourself and your surroundings.

What’s the one item you can never let go of and why?

BB Intern Lauren Walker

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