The brownies packed with collagen, and healthy ingredients I am eating now.

This is a beauty trend you won’t believe. I have road tested the latest protein rich, low sugar collagen brownies (and healthy chocolate snacks), and the results are in.

Brownies with Collagen supplements? Jump on this delicious beauty trend now. Collagen is the buzz word for glowing skin, stronger hair, nails and beauty, and the sweet treats featured here are part of my new obsession with healthy sweet treats.

Now you can find collagen in sweet treats that are low in sugar and high in protein, so they are actually good for you.

Most of these snacks aid digestion and improve gut health. They are great for muscle recovery, extra energy, and for anyone on a paleo or keto diet as there is no added sugar or nasty extras.

These snacks are also helpful for athletes looking for an energy hit or for anyone looking for a healthy, wholesome snack at any time of the day.

Beauty Food's Collagen Cookie.
Beauty Food’s Collagen Cookie.

Beauty Food Collagen Cookie Price: $50 for 14 cookies. Rating: 9/10

These certified nut butter organic cookies are eco-friendly, and taste like freshly baked shortbread. They come in pretty individually wrapped parcels so are easy to transport and they melt in the mouth. The texture is dry, like a crumbly biscuit.

The beauty food range was started by Bondi’s favourite fitness instructor Libby Babet. Now a mum, Libby is turning her passion for health to the food industry – and these 3 bite snacks are delicious (Libby’s brand also make great nut butters).

Locako collagen filled treats

Locako Keto Collagen Brownie Bites: Price: $14 each, Rating: 10/10

Locako is fast becoming one of Australia’s leaders in collagen powders and clever products infused with ingredients for younger, healthier, firmer, fresher skin.

These brownies taste like dark, rich chewy dark chocolate. They are wet ratehr than dry. They are a great size, as you can eat them slowly at your desk throughout the morning, and they really hit the spot.

Also packed well so easy to transport without them being damaged. So great for athletes..

Love Bites Healthy Snacks by Sophie Monk
Love Bites Healthy Snacks by Sophie Monk

Slim Secrets Chocolate Brownie by Sophie Monk Price 12 for $45.60 Rating: 7/10

These choc fudge protein brownies are designed to help crush your sugar cravings. They are high in protein, gluten free, low carb and have no added sugar.

They come in tiny squares in a sealed pack, so you can eat them on the go – there are around 10 in each bag.

This is the treat that is most like real brownies, but they actually taste very, very sweet – a bit too sweet after the first bite for me, but that’s my taste.

Chief Collagen shortbread

Chief Collagen Cashew Shortbread Price 4 for $19.95 Rating: 7.5/10

This biscuity, nut butter snack is a sweet, high protein, low sugar snack. Each is packed with 100% natural ingredients. Colourful, strong, resilient packaging works well.

The texture is biscuit like, and the taste is rich, but tasty with just enough salt as well as sweet taste.

Peak nutritional chocolate bar.
Peak nutritional chocolate bar.

Peak Functional Chocolate Price: 6 for $29.50 (on special now).

OK, so there is no collagen in this product, but Peak Chocolate still deserves inclusion here for its multiple health benefits and sensaitoal flavour.

This peak performance gluten free, vegan chocolate is a bitter tasting chocolate that gives you energy at any time of the day. It tastes great but one of the advantages is you can’t eat too much as it is too bitter.

There are various products in the range, but he peak active is for energy and endurance and contains creatine, amino acids, natural caffeine and himalayan rock salt.

Brilliant for athletes, after an illness or anytime you want energy fast. Each of the 6 bars in the 6 pack is in a sealed packet and in blocks of 3 pieces. Yum.

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