Legit Jo Malone fragrances for $60? Yes Please.

Perfumer Jo Malone has collaborated with Zara to produce an affordable range of decadent scents that don’t cost the earth – they start from just $15.

Champagne taste on a Happy Hour budget? Then this collaboration, Zara Emotions by Jo Malone CBE and Zara is for you.

About a month ago Zara in Australia released a selection of 8 fragrances bringing together the heritage of Jo Malone’s CBE Jo Loves brand (based in London’s Belgravia), and the youth, freshness and fun of Zara in a new fragrance line sold exclusively at Zara.

The 8 fragrances are simple, elegant, timeless and sophisticated and packaged in white minimalist boxes and clear, elegant, sensual yet practical upmarket bottles. Trust me when I say you will be happy to have one of these bottles on your bathroom shelf or in your handbag.

The Emotions range comes in 10ml roll-ons as well as 40ml and 90ml bottles. Candles and shampoos are also on the way. 

clear bottle of perfume with white label and green in background
Jo Malone’s colab with Zara, the Emotions range of 8 fragrances.

The typical Jo Malone fragrances are largely built around a single, strong note such as grapefruit or rose, or in modern, quickly recognisable pairings such as pear and freesia, tea and bergamot or oud with a match. This collab is different, as each fragrance blends multiple notes.

The 8 fragrances ( so far) are;
Vetiver Pampelmousse, Tubereuse Noir, Fleur De Patchouli, Fleur D’Oranger, Ebony Wood, Waterlily Tea Dress, Amalfi Sunray, Bohemian Bluebells. Several are genderless (in my opinion), which is no surprise given this is one of the biggest trends predicted in beauty for 2022.

My favourite is Tubereuse Noir, which is warm and sensual. In brief, it is a heady blend of citrus and sensual white florals as well as creamy woods. It has a strong ylang, ylang opening note, followed by the dreamy, sexy tuberose and then earthier, woody sandalwood.

I am not sure why Noir was added to the title, as this fragrance is not at all dark, but the opposite – largely fresh and light. I would say this is a day time fragrance, like almost all of Malone’s fragrances. She is not known for creating strong, exotic or dark scents, so this one is on brand for her style.

It is sweet but not overly so, and I detect hints of amber as well as the sandalwood in the woodier notes.

clear bottle of fragrance with white label
Ebony Wood is a popular fragrance in the Zara/Jo Malone collab range.

This could also be worn by guys, and is not overpowering or dark like many Tuberose fragrances including Fracas by Robert Piguet as well as Michal Kors original fragrance which is very strong in the Tuberose offering.

I could write about these fragrances for hours, as they have quickly become my current obsession. But get into Zara and check them out for yourself. Just know that the Jo Malone collab at Zara is the one in the white boxes, not the coloured ones.

Glace for kids by Jo Malone is another collection made for kids which is in store any minute, and in the coloured boxes.

There are rumours a second collection for grown ups is on the way, with even more fragrances, so stay tuned.

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