I Tried Trinny’s New Make-up Range (And Met Her).

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UK Style Guru Trinny was in Sydney last month, spruiking the release of her fabulous capsule make-up range, Trinny London. She’s every bit as much fun in person as her TV persona.

She is attractive, entertaining, energetic and vivacious. She works hard. Really hard. And Trinny is bursting with secrets and savvy bits if gossip about fashion, beauty and just about anything.

She has cleverly re-moulded her image in recent years to be a beauty expert, after her decades telling Brits – and Aussies what not to wear on her TV show as well as in the British press.

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“Australian woman are much more stylish now than when I was here on my last visit a few years ago”, she revealed.

“Last time I was here there were a lot of Crocs (shoes) which I had to get rid of.”

Trinny’s make-up range is only being sold on-line here, which is brave, as it seems Facebook will be her main marketing tool – and makes it simple and easy for busy women to buy.

(In London it is sold in some department stores.) “Often when women shop for make-up they encounter a woman behind the counter they can’t relate to, or they come home with products they can’t use themselves, so I thought how can you actually make it easier for a woman by going online rather than harder.”

And part of what makes it easier is that she has some simple questions for women to fill out online, to ensure the colours match the skin and complexion.

“I started that in my own bathroom, and my make-up artist had a time when we invited 200 of my friends to come in and try the products and we filled out a chart. There were 1500 combinations of women to get a curated range of colours to suit.”

Her target market is both ends of the retails scale; mothers and daughters. “Mothers who need to change their make-up as they have been wearing the same products for years, (and are brought along by their daughters). 

And daughters who are being introduced to make-up for the first time by their mothers, and want their daughter to shine. It is a real mother/daughter brand,” she said chatting to me in Sydney’s Paddington.

Trinny has her own daughter who has recently turned 15.

makeup stacks
Trinny’s make-up stacks

“One of the biggest issues for younger girls is they are often over-doing their make-up, and I want to help them reduce the amount of make-up they wear, lighten things up so the true them comes through.”

The sassy make-up range itself is cleverly designed in screw top pots to click together, so super easy to transport. (The full stack consist of six products) The only product that isn’t in the pots is the tinted moisturiser.

They arrive in a gorgeous yellow bag, yellow box and silver packaging. 

“There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to make-up,” Trinny says. “

The Cheekbones Contour Creams, Just A Touch ( concealer or light foundation depending on how you wear it), and eye2eye cream eyeshadows are my favourites. Especially on night out when they fit so easily into a small handbag and are at the ready for late night touch ups.

Click here to purchase now.

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