Should You Have Your Fortune Told?

It’s a new year, and given the year we had in 2020, we all want a sense of control, and safety.

As we turn our attention to the future, is this the time to have your fortune told? I did, for a whopping $380 and it was enlightening.

Three hundred and eighty dollars seemed like a lot of money to pay to have a spiritual reading.

My session with spiritual teacher and psychic medium Linda from Willows Way Of Life was on Zoom (which did add to the intrigue as I wondered how on earth she could read my aura/future online).

Linda has been doing this for over 30 years. Before the session, I had to give her my birth date and location of birth and she worked on my reading for some time (days) before we met on zoom. 

“No two people are the same. “Linda explained when we hopped on a zoom call early one morning, but everyone is spiritual and it is something that can be worked on and developed.

The first thing Linda saw was an old friend of mine who has come back into my life and she had some real insights into our friendship. She talked about my work, my children, and had information on where everyone is at in my life emotionally. She told me what they were thinking and feeling.

Having your fortune told by a spiritual guide can connect you with what really matters in your life.

I recently had a break up she had amazing insights into that. One of the most mind blowing moments of the session was that she said some time that day (after our session) I would hear a particular song in relation to that relationship, and that song would give me the message I was looking for in relation to the break up. Wild.

It sounded odd, and I deliberately did not play my spotify playlists as it would have been too easy to guess or manipulate which song came up.

Then later that day walking along a street I heard a song I haven’t heard in years that is of strong significance to me, and I immediately knew this was what she was talking about. The message to me was crystal clear. This impressed me.

A cynic might say this was a co-incidence, or in fact me looking for connection in any song I heard, but for me it was no co-incidence.

Linda had many big picture messages for me about how to connect with myself, my feelings and how to make big decisions; “Get out of your head and go back into your heart. We are mind, body and soul, “she said. “Our heart connects us to everything. When we are in our head we are not listening to the other parts of us.”

Linda also asked me if I had any questions, and this was the opportunity to ask for information about any aspect of my life, which was also very helpful. She covered the year ahead and my career, and even said a few interesting thing about my children.

The whole experience was interesting, and insightful. It is not something I would do too often. As I believe the risk is you start relying on this kind of information to make life decisions. I have seen friends do this, and it is not good.

But for times when our lives are going through major changes like a new job, a new house, a break up or even with the year we had in 2020, having some glimpses on your future can at worst provide hope.

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