The 4 Tik Tok Beauty Hacks You Need to Know NOW

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Tik Tok is taking the world by storm, and the app doesn’t just deliver dance and lip syncing videos.

As creators have the ability to share just about anything, the beauty world has certainly jumped on board.

Users from all over the world are posting their own tips and tricks for making the most of makeup and skincare.

Whether you want to change up your hair or accentuate your features, Tik Tok offers a bunch of beauty hacks and trends that are worth a try.

1.Lip Liner Trick 

Achieving big, plump lips has been a long sought after desire. And whilst the idea of lip fillers doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy, there are some newly discovered tricks enlisted to create an illusion of bigger lips.

This easy Tik Tok hack aims to give you A bigger pout in just two strokes of lip liner. Simply draw a tiny liNe with a nude coloured lip liner at each end of your lips to provide depth and accentuate the length of the lips.


#makeuptutorial on how i line my lips 🙂 the lipstick i used is a custom shade from the bite beauty lip lab #fyp #makeup

♬ rush – Jessica Vu

2. Hair Volume Hack

Why is it that hair dressers seem to be the only ones able to achieve a full volume, perfect blow out? Mastering the blow dry can be difficult and can be extremely deflating when it ends up looking flat.

In this Tik Tok hack, all you need is two hair clips and a blow-dryer. Simply slide the clips down your part, lifting up the middle section of your hair and blow dry for two minutes. Easy!

3. Soap Brows

Once a secret only known to makeup artists, ‘soap brows’ are the up and coming hack to fluffy eyebrows. Who knew the secret to the perfect brow was through a simple bar of soap. The stickiness of the soap is used to push up brow hairs and they can then be styled to perfection.

Grab a slightly damp spoolie and rub it on a bar of soap, then shape away!.


Trying soap brows for the first time 🤔🤍 #foryoupage #fyp #viral #makeup #brows

♬ original sound – SUNRAE 🌞

4. Concealer Face Lift

Sharp jawline’s and fierce lifted eyes are in right now, thanks to Kendall Jenner and the ‘fox eye’ trend. However, for those who cant afford or don’t want to spend their money on a face lift, a simple concealer does the trick.

The way you conceal your face can make a massive difference. To achieve a concealer ‘face lift’ putting a dot of concealer under the inner corner of the eye and a line along the outside of the eye will lift the face.


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