7 of the Best Workout Playlists in 2022


Struggling to find the right tunes for a workout? Here are 7 of the best Spotify playlists to listen to for the best workout in 2022.

Listening to music can make a workout so much more enjoyable. It can improve the quality of workout, boost mood levels, and stimulate the brain. 

According to a research conducted in 2020 by Frontiers in Psychology, there are benefits of listening to music during endurance and high intensity training.

By stimulating the brain with the right music, the body is able to complete repetitive movements with more efficiency, which will help to boost heart rate, metabolism and energy levels, as well as reduce blood pressure and physical and mental stress. 

A Warm Up Workout Playlist

Warming up is the most important part of any workout.  It allows the body to gradually increase the cardiovascular system by raising the body temperature and increasing blood flow to the muscles. Warming up reduces the risk of injury, so listen to this playlist while warming up, stretching and building up to a more intense workout. 

Motivation Mix – Spotify

Motivation is key when working out. This playlist is made up of uplifting and energetic music that’ will boost mood and motivation levels while warming up at the beginning of a workout. 

2022 Pop Hits to Workout to

This playlist has all the best pop songs from 2022, to keep a workout fresh and fun. It has a great selection of 100 songs, with a duration of 4 hours and 59 minutes. From Ariana Grande to Zedd, these songs will pump up any workout.

Workout – by Spotify 

For Yoga and Meditation

Sometimes songs with words can be distracting, as it can be hard not to sing along. Doing yoga or meditation to songs with no words can be the perfect way to eliminate all distractions and enable 100% focus. While feeling the tune of these instrumental songs, the body will be able to relax and the mind can focus on breathing. 

Yoga & Meditation – Spotify

This playlist goes for a duration of 9 hours and 58 minutes, plenty of time for balancing the mind and body while listening to new age meditation music. 

An Upbeat Dance Pop Workout Playlist

These 100 songs are great for cardio, to keep the heart pumping and the mind motivated.

Cardio – Spotify 

When You’re in the Mood for Some 2000’s Throwbacks 

2000’s songs just hit differently. From Rihanna, to Taio Cruiz, all the way to Carly Rae Jepsen, these famous 21st century songs will provide a sense of nostalgia while working out. 

Throwback Workout – Spotify

This playlist is full of 50 classic songs from the early 2000’s to increase motivation while feeling the beat. 

A ‘Feeling Fierce’ Workout Playlist

When energy levels are high, it’s important to match that vibe with the right music. This workout playlist will help the body move to the beat and continue to feel energized and fierce. Feel the beat while working out with artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat.

Workout Twerkout – Spotify 


High Intensity Songs

Stimulating the brain with music is super important as it helps boost movement and mood. These songs are great to use as a mid-workout boost, or when doing a HIIT workout or when working out for long periods.

Beast Mode – Spotify

Get your beast on with this playlist, full of 200 upbeat songs for an intense workout. 

Loving these songs but want a more personalised playlist? Create a personal playlist and simply drag songs you love into it to make a playlist with your favourite songs for working out.

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