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10 Ways To Snack Smarter

The founders of the Keep It Cleaner program, models and besties Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw share their top tips on how to snack smarter.  When it comes to snacks, they can help energise you or undo all of your good work. And sometimes once you start snacking, it can be really hard to […]

Can Music Improve Productivity?

If you are dreading your next workout or avoiding doing some housework, why not listen to some music to lift your mood? The founders of Keep It Cleaner, an online health and fitness program, Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw makes a case for how music can improve productivity. From running to studying to working, […]

How To Love Yourself In The Age Of Social Media

With nearly two million Instagram followers combined, Stephanie Claire Smith, 22, and Laura Henshaw, 24, know what it’s like to be in the spotlight with the pressure of being ‘perfect’ on social media. Smith and Henshaw spoke to Bondi Beauty about the pressures they face online and how to love yourself in today’s world of […]