5 Best Instagram Accounts for free At-Home Workouts

How to work out at home (for free).

Want to get those killer abs or toned butt ready for summer?

Want to achieve all of that and more without leaving the comfort of your own home? So do we. That’s why we are OBSESSED with these 5 Aussie girls who’s Insta feeds are giving us amazing at-home workouts.

1) Kayla Itsines


 This Adelaide girl is kicking butt all over the fitness world with her Bikini Body Guides (BBG) and her SWEAT app. She has inspired women all around the world to start kicking their own fitness goals with her down to earth personality and killer bod. Her instagram is a great way to access some of Kayla’s amazing workouts to do from home.


2) KIC Girls




The Keep It Cleaner (KIC) girls aka. Stephanie Smith and Lauren Henshaw who contribute to Bondi Beauty are proud believers of fitness anytime, anywhere, which is why they have developed the KIC app full of amazing workouts that you can do from home (or anywhere as a matter of fact).

Check out this amazing story Steph and Laura did for us HERE at Bondi Beauty.


3) Emily Skye


With a new born bub, toned physique, and relatable content about bloating and being confident it’s no wonder Emily Skye has 2.4 million followers on Instagram. What’s great about Emily is she shares workouts for all times of the month, all phases of life, and all fitness levels that can be done anywhere. If you’re just after pure workout content then check out her souly fitness account @emilyskyfitness


4) Amanda Bisk


This well and truly fit Aussie is a former pole vaulter turned yoga instructor who has a serious passion for stretching, body toning and all-round health- and she has the body to show for it. Amanda is the perfect go to if you’re feeling like a lower intensity workout, or stretching session to do from home.


5) Sculpt Sisters


These two fit ladies are serving us serious lifestyle inspiration with a huge focus on living your best life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Their at-home workouts go from yoga, to HIIT sessions, to isolated body workouts to Pilates. Not only do these two women inspire us to kick butt in a workout, but they also show us what it means to live a happy life.


Amie Maclaine

Amie is a self-professed make up addict with a larger perfume collection than anyone in the southern hemisphere. There’s not a night of the week you won’t find her without a face mask on, and cup of peppermint tea in hand. With a passion for all things food and wellness, she’s the first to jump on a new heath trend. If she’s not rocking one of her well-loved rugby jumpers, you’ll find her in her active wear, Almond Dirty Chai in-tow, ready to take on the day.

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