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In a time where perfection is all that seems to matter online, these 5 awe-inspiring influencers are changing the game with their raw, authentic portrayals of what life is actually like as an influencer.


Cartia Mallan is a free-spirited Australian earth-angel, who graces her audience with wisdom about finding your true self and staying positive.

Currently at half a million subscribers, Mallan found her calling on YouTube where she expresses her love of all thing’s beauty juxtaposed with an intimate insight into her daily life. She posts raw vlogs that show a glimpse of the emotional reality of being an Aussie influencer but also loves to post outfit videos showcasing her unmatchable fashion style. Her biggest quirk is her love for spirituality as she almost religiously follows the astrological movements of the planets and sun.

Cartia Mallan Youtube Spread. Image taken from Youtube.

In June, the 20 year-old Brisbane born It-Girl announced her new Happiness Project. Preaching that the most important thing in life is to surround yourself with the things that make you happiest, Mallan is giving us a front-row seat to watch her find herself after getting lost in the glam and glitz of the influencer life. Her unwillingness to compromise her happiness is what makes her virtual space enticing. 


Having started her career as a well-known Aussie DJ, Lillian Ahenkan, more famously known as FLEXMAMI on Instagram has recently gained a lot of attention for her refreshingly honest podcast with her co-host Bobo Matjila titled Bobo&Flex.

The sex and lifestyle podcast brings a much-needed angle of humour and authenticity to subjects such as the importance of orgasms all the way to how to deal with toxic friendships. Her unique experience growing up as a black woman in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney gives an enlightening perspective of what it means to grow up Australian.

The outspoken, fashion icon saw a gap in the board game market and decided to produce a self-development card game to encourage critical thinking and self-reflection titled REFLEX selling for an RRP of $9.95. The 25-year old’s unshakeable voice is inspiring to young individuals looking to have conversations about love, politics, religion, sex and more. 

Reflex Card Pack. Image from FLEXMAMI instagram.


Rowena Singh is a Sydney-born make-up guru and an Aussie-Indian Instagram sensation. Targeting a niche audience in the beauty world, she has gained much-deserved attention for her bright and colourful makeup looks.

Her ability to combine her Indian heritage with runway-ready makeup looks paved the way for young girls to experiment with their culture when it comes to makeup. The best part of it all, is that she is self-taught proving that when you put your mind to something, great things can happen.

We were lucky enough to have the chance to talk to the beautiful Instagram star last year for a tell-all interview about growing up as an Aussie-Indian, what her hopes for the media industry are and her favourite makeup hacks. Click here to read all about it.

Rowi Singh make-up looks. Image from ROWISINGH instagram.


Jade Tunchy the glamorous gal behind the famous Instagram account @jadetunchy is a Sydney-based Instagram model who is known for showing both sides of the influencer lifestyle.

In a time where every photo can be tweaked and touched to promote a ridiculously perfect life, Tunchy uses her Instagram platform to be honest and open with her followers. In 2017, she created another Instagram account called @therealjadetunchy to show the raw, less glamorous side of being an influencer.

It has now reached a following of almost 150k and continues to grow as people realise how relatable she is.

Jade Tunchy at beach. Image from JADETUNCHY instagram.
Jade Tunchy at beach. Image from JADETUNCHY instagram.


This kick-ass Aussie gal is known for her fun, fresh and fit outlook on life on her Instagram account @laurahenshaw.

As co-founder of the Instagram page @keepitcleaner with her bestie and fellow influencer Claire Smith, the unstoppable duo encourage young girls to eat healthy, workout and simply enjoy life. Alongside founding the wellness brand, the two entrepreneurs co-host the Keep It Cleaner Podcast and if that wasn’t enough they also released their book A Girls Guide to Kicking Goals in late 2018.

We were lucky enough to have the girls write for us. To read their story click here.

Henshaw’s positive energy permeates the screen in every post as she lets her 243K followers into her life as a law student/influencer.

She doesn’t hesitate to let them see her everyday struggles with anxiety and body image and continues to inspire women everywhere that the most important thing is to be kind to themselves. 

Laura Henshaw with Claire Smith. Image from LAURA_HENSHAW instagram.
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