Hot Tips To Beat The Cold This Winter

Whip out your beanie and put on your scarf, winter is fast approaching and Australia is set for a cold one.

If you haven’t got the memo already, Australia is predicted to reach its coldest winter yet. Amateur meteorologist and admin of the East Coast Weather Facebook page, David Taylor, believes Australia is in for some major temperature drops.

Taylor claims that Australia is about to face a record breaking winter, where extreme conditions will effect majority of the country. He also predicts there will be a substantial amount of snowfall, potentially in areas that have not snowed in a long time.

Taylor has successfully anticipated weather events in the past. He uses his sunspot tracking method combined with global forecast system modelling and the European Centre for Medium Range weather forecast to reach these predictions.

It is still early days, but there is nothing wrong with a lil winter prep. The following includes some toasty tips for beating the cold this season.

Stay active

Working out when its cold might be the last thing on your mind, but one of the best ways to heat up your body. Your body will burn more kilojoules working overtime to keep you warm. Exercise increases blood circulation which is great for heating the skin. It will also release more endorphins, boosting your brain’s feel-good chemicals.

If you’re unable to do exercise, wiggle your fingers and toes around every so often to keep the blood flowing. The more you can move, the more heat your body will generate.

Warm yourself first

It is easier to warm up yourself first than it is to warm up an entire room. It is also a lot more environmentally friendly to put on another jumper as opposed to cranking up the heater.

Hot hand warmers

If gloves aren’t your thing, then this might be your next best option. Full your pockets with hot hand warmers, these are air activated packets which can provide on-demand heat. Hot hand warmers are generally found in supermarkets and chemists and are an inexpensive way to add some extra heat to your body.

Layer up

Wrap yourself up in some of your favourite winter threads, beanies are back and scarfs never left. Although a big jacket may seem like the best way to go, adding lots of thin layers is better at trapping heat. If you’re worried about feeling bulky with so many layers, invest in some heat technology clothing. Heattech by Uniqlo provides a great range of light clothing made out of revolutionary fabric to generate and retain body heat.

Avoid getting sick

It is important to steer clear of any winter bugs when entering cooler conditions and seasonal changes. The flu shot is a great way to avoid winter nasties. On top of this, washing your hands and staying hydrated are simple tips to stay well. Vitamin D supplements are also recommended to decrease your chances of catching a cold.

Embrace what winter has to offer

Most importantly, don’t forget to embrace the cold. Winter is a beautiful time of year which might be cold on the outside, but can offer a lot of warmth and joy on the inside.

So snuggle up, drink a hot bevvy, and take advantage of the many winter wonders coming up.

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