Beauty Q&A: How to Achieve a Crease-free Under Eye Look with Concealer

the best under eye concealer which won't crease

This is how you use your under eye concealer, to prevent it from creasing – ever.

We answer two beauty questions from our readers asking how to stop under eye concealer from creasing and how to use makeup products to naturally lift your face.

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Dear Bondi Beauty,
What are your tips for achieving a crease-less under eye look using concealer? Should I use a primer, or can you achieve it using only concealer?
Rachel, Double Bay

Hi Rachel,

Hydration is the key to achieving the perfect crease-less look under the eye area. So using a good eye cream daily which stops the area from drying out, as well as a primer, will help you achieve a more airbrushed makeup look under the eye both work to helping you achieve a crease-less look.

Most makeup artists all agree, the only way to stop concealer from seeping into any fine lines and wrinkles, you must absolutely moisturise. And choosing the right type of under eye primer which fills in any lines is an added bonus also.

Start by cleansing your face. Apply your eye cream, we love the IT Cosmetics Under Eye Eye Cream RRP $70 which smoothes away any fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates the skin really well, all day. Follow with your favourite face moisturiser.

If you are using a primer, use one specifically designed for the eye area like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer RRP $24. Otherwise, you can try an illuminating eye concealer like IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Age Eye Concealer RRP $40.

Secret makeup artist hack – apply under eye concealer with your fingers not with a makeup brush. Many artists agree when using your fingers to apply the concealer, it helps blend and melt the concealer into the skin better.

Dear Bondi Beauty,
Where and how should I apply products such as concealer, blush and highlighter to make my face more naturally lifted?
Brittany, Baulkham Hills

Hi Brittany,

As with most makeup products, the key to keeping your look fresh and uplifted is hydration. Using a good moisturiser, face oil, serum, eye cream and primer before using any makeup products will ensure your skin stays plump, fresh, dewy and naturally lifted.

Start by cleansing your skin, then follow with your eye area, serum, face oil (if you use it) and moisturiser. Give it a few minutes to settle in and absorb and then start with your foundation and concealer.

If you are using a primer, apply it once your skincare products have settled in and absorbed into the skin.

Try applying foundation first, then follow with your concealer, blending to help cover dark spots, blemishes and redness. I do know a few people who apply the concealer first and then follow with foundation, but I think it works best the other way around, to seal the foundation and to give you a more polished makeup look.

Instead of using powder blushes and highlighters, try using cream based ones such as RMS Beauty Magix Luminizer RRP $61 for highlighter and the Morphe Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse RRP $18 which is a blush and a lipstick, which blend into your foundation and add to the moisture of the skin.

Powder based products are prone to drying the skin out, which means your skin can easily look dry and tired. Cream based products will keep skin dewy and fresh looking, adding to the natural uplifting look of the face. Especially as the day goes on.

My Fave Beauty Product of the Week:

Seed & Sprout Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 RRP $35

Seed & Sprout Tinted SPF 50 sunscreen

Summer can be a real nightmare for us peeps with pale skin. Especially when it’s beach day.

I always find it a struggle to find the right self-tan for my face which will give me a flawless no makeup look, with a nice glow, so all I need to do is wear sunscreen. And even that’s a challenge.

Seed & Sprout obviously had this in mind when they developed they specially formulated tinted sunscreen, which is a medium tone to suit most skin types from pale to light brown, is SPF 50 and super hydrating too.

This means, even if you do tan your face with self-tan, you can finally leave the concealer (and foundation) at home and just wear this tinted sunscreen instead.

The cover is clean, super hydrating and also easy to wear under makeup, if you decide to move from beach to bar.

Oh did I mention there’s no icky sunscreen smell to this cream? Winning. It’s made from Kakadu Plum, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, so not only does it bounce back UV rays with a whole heaps of other great ingredients, which are fairly natural, it will also protect your skin from free radical damage, and dryness too.

Check out the whole skin and haircare range by Seed & Sprout here.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Beauty Editor

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