Iobella – Melt fat off your body in 30 minutes?

In LA, Iobella is latest body-shaping spa, using pilates-type exercises in a heated pod.


It is designed to literally melt the fat off your body whilst sculpting and toning your muscles.

With seven locations in Argentina and one in Santa Monica, USA, this new workout craze has people talking. It’s expensive (roughly $150) but time efficient because you only need to be working out for 30 minutes.

Roxana Lissa, CEO of Iobella California came across Iobella in Argentina and began to notice the benefits after just a few sessions, a year later, in 2012 she brought it to the US.

Similar to Bikram yoga, Iobella uses heat to intensify the workout and the effects the workout has on the body. Working at a high temperature targets the areas of your body prone to cellulite and stubborn fat such as the butt, thighs, tummy and arms. “In Spanish, those difficult parts of our body are called the ‘cold areas’”, Lissa commented, “working out at the body’s natural temperature promotes immediate circulation to those areas”.

To begin the workout, you climb into a pod where the increased temperature allows the blood to circulate easier. Inside the pod, resistance bands are used for Pilates style exercises such as leg raises, donkey kicks, sit ups and bicep and tricep curls. The heat causes your heart rate to increase but it’s not uncomfortable as your head is outside the pod for the majority of the exercises.

After 30 minutes in the pod you get into the shower and prepare for the final phase of the workout.

Next you sit in a cabin that is filled with O3 for 15 minutes, which is oxygen with an added O molecule. This cabin looks like another pod with a lounge in it. The air in this cabin is said to be a cell booster, which hydrates the skin to maintain elasticity and keep the skin tight as you lose weight.

The whole experience has been said to be extremely rewarding and refreshing. It is not an extremely intense workout and is suitable for all women of all ages. We expect to see it in Australia soon.

BB Intern Lauren Walker

What are some extreme exercises you have tried?


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