A five minute health & fitness round-up from a Bondi bloke.

Bondi Personal Trainer and co-author of Clean Living Scott Gooding gives a five minute health & fitness round-up.

Bondi Trainer Scott Gooding says a Paleo diet and regular exercise, even short bursts is the way to go.

There’s so much information on health and fitness it can often be very overwhelming and confusing as to which is the best approach and direction to take. I recommend the Paleo diet, and regular exercise.

The paleo diet is one that mimics as best it can what our ancestors would have eaten. So for the last 2.5 million years we thrived and prospered on a diet rich in meat (including fat) seafood, nuts, seeds, fruits and veg. We have evolved to eat these foods and its our genetic blueprint to be strong, lean and healthy.

So what’s happened to us a nation, how did we get so unhealthy? Well about 10,000 yrs ago a shift in our diet occurred. This shift coincided with a shift in climate temperature and animal migration patterns as well as the abolition of megafauna which forced us to domesticate animals and cultivate.  This sparked the birth of farming and the production of grain and dairy. Mass consumption of grain and dairy in our diet then followed which has caused many health problems in our modern society. We, as humans, struggle to process these food groups (including legumes) and the result is ill health.

I appreciate we don’t need to hunt and gather anymore but we can eat a diet that reflects what our ancestors would have eaten and strive for good health

Good health can be attained from good, clean nutrition but if your looking for optimal health then I recommend throwing in some regular exercise.  It doesn’t have to be hours at the gym but rather enough exercise to make you sweat, grunt and pant.  A very effective workout can be had in under 10 mins which is ideal for many of us who are time poor.

Scott’s five tips for striving optimal health:

1. Eliminate sugar

2. Eliminate any processed or synthetic foods (typically anything from packet)

3. Eat clean, fresh and seasonal foods (go organic where you can)

4. Embrace fats – especially animal fats

5. Move your body every day!

I’ve written a book called Clean Living which is available in all book stores which is a lifestyle book and includes recipes and training tip as well as a 3 week program to transform your life.

For more information head to: www.scottgoodingfitness.com.au.


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