5 Unique Pilates Studios in Bondi For That Hot Summer Body

5 Unique Pilates Studios in Bondi For That Hot Summer Body

Summer is Coming. Here are 5 Unique Pilates Studios in Bondi For That Hot Summer Body

Unique pilates studios in Bondi are emerging as the exercise is surging in popularity. Pilates is practised by more than 1.25 million Australians, many of whom are women.

Pilates studios in Bondi are catching the eye of celebrities. Celebrities spotted doing pilates in Bondi include Rita Ora, Natalie Portman and even Sydney’s Sonia Kruger.

Pilates is enabling women to increase their confidence by building strength as well as muscle and enhancing their physique. 

It is the perfect way to strike that balance between a calming, yet impactful full-body workout.

Whether the aim is sculpted abs, toned legs or simply an elevated mood, Bondi pilates studios are the places to go to get summer ready.

This holistic approach to exercise enables women to not only look and feel amazing, but will also improve muscular strength, muscular endurance, posture, flexibility, range of motion and coordination.

Pilates studios in Bondi offer memberships, class packs and casual passes. 

1. Body By Berner

What better way to get in shape this summer than to throw on a cute gym set and burn that fat whilst soaking in the iconic views of Bondi. That’s precisely what Body By Berner sessions provide. 

Celebrities such as Rita Ora have snapped pics breaking a sweat at the studio.

Body By Berner is one of the newer pilates studios in Bondi, only launching in 2021. Located at 300 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach, this studio overlooks the ocean.

Owner, Bernadette Fahey, believes that “exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore”. From the aesthetically pleasing feature wall to the ocean breeze, this studio is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Body By Berner offers a broad range of styles including mat pilates infused with yoga, mat pilates combined with HIIT, barre pilates and a “Beginner Bern”. 

All classes run for 45 minutes, helping participants achieve core and muscle strength. 

Memberships start at $49 per week, but casual classes and class packs are also available at varying prices. 

Women at a pilates session at Body By Berner.
Body By Berner Studio. Image sourced from Body+Soul website.

2. The Well Bondi

The Well Bondi focuses on Reformer Pilates. Pilates classes range from inexperienced to experienced.

These pilates classes are designed to enhance physical well-being as well as mind-body connection. 

A major standout about The Well is its “recovery zone”. After an intense pilates session, relax in one of the infrared saunas where cells are rejuvenated. 

Bodies will be feeling snatched post-exercise, and skin will be radiant and glowing post-sauna. Reformer memberships range from $39.95 to $69.95 per week. 

While the cheaper memberships are restricted to one, two, or three pilates sessions each week, the $69.95 membership offers unlimited sessions every week.

Women doing reformer pilates at The Well Bondi
The Well Bondi Reformer Pilates. Image sourced from The Well website.

3. The Upbeat

Located on Bondi Road, The Upbeat motivates women to get moving and be super active in preparation for summer. At this gym just for women, feel the force of girl power. 

Their “Supertone” and “The Upbeat Signature” pilates workouts are made to get participants moving and grooving. 

The Upbeat provides a mixture of pilates and dance and is also available through livestream classes, for those who prefer to workout from the comfort of home. Upbeat recognises that music boosts mood, so expect to workout to the beat. 

Introductory offers are available. Memberships are priced at $19 per week, $49 per week and $69 per week, depending on the participant’s needs. Class packs are also offered. 

Upbeat Bondi Pilates Studio

The Upbeat studio. Image sourced from The Upbeat website.

4. Rose and Thorn Pilates

Rose and Thorn Pilates opened in 2003 and is situated in the heart of Bondi Junction.

This studio focuses on creating a superior experience for its clients through its state of the art pilates equipment. 

Classes are also delivered online with exercises incorporating unique pilates, ballet and tai chi combinations to replace movements that are normally performed with in-studio equipment.

Online class packs include a 14-day trial pack which consists of unlimited classes, valid for two weeks and priced at $49. The unlimited online class pack is $199 per month and the 10 class pack for online classes is $249, valid for three months. 

One-on-one online pilates classes that run for 45 minutes or 60 minutes are priced at $125 and $150 respectively.

Pilates sessions held in the studio all run for 60 minutes. Private sessions, semi-private sessions and small group sessions are available. Prices range from $165 to $1080, depending on the number of classes selected. The maximum class pack offered includes 24 sessions.

Rose and Thorn Pilates. Pilates studios in Bondi

Rose and Thorn Pilates studio. Image sourced from Rose and Thorn Pilates website.

5. Peaches Pilates

Peaches Pilates describes their vibe as “a mix of a small town store – for welcoming factor, and an early 2000s club – for playlist cred”. 

This lively studio prides itself on creating a fun environment and changing people’s perception of pilates. 

Expect instructors with personality and to make personal connections with them. Peaches Pilates tones the body from head to toe with simple equipment. 

Reformer pilates is not offered but there’s nothing that can’t be done with a mat, resistance bands and some dumbbells. 

Get that slim waist and lifted booty at Peaches. Classes start from $30. 

Women doing mat pilates at Peaches Pilates studio in Bondi.
Peaches Pilates studio. Image sourced from Peaches Pilates website.
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