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5 Best Instagram Accounts for free At-Home Workouts

How to work out at home (for free). Want to get those killer abs or toned butt ready for summer? Want to achieve all of that and more without leaving the comfort of your own home? So do we. That’s why we are OBSESSED with these 5 Aussie girls who’s Insta feeds are giving us […]

Want to look young and have better sex? Get fit.

Need a healthy 2018 kick-start? Here are ten reasons you can’t say no to fitness including better sex and looking younger. You will burn calories all day long – exercise burns calories whilst you are working out and builds muscles that burn calories even post-fitness when you are chilling out. . Stop the clock & look […]

A five minute health & fitness round-up from a Bondi bloke.

Bondi Personal Trainer and co-author of Clean Living Scott Gooding gives a five minute health & fitness round-up. There’s so much information on health and fitness it can often be very overwhelming and confusing as to which is the best approach and direction to take. I recommend the Paleo diet, and regular exercise. The paleo […]